CNN Analyst Thinks Trump’s Distaste for Antifa Is Tied to ‘Racism,’ Not Their Destruction and Violence

In the month of August alone, members of the Antifa forced a hospital into lockdown, smashed the windows of a Marine Corps recruitment office, and beat a man for carrying an American flag, but a CNN analyst thinks that President Donald Trump doesn’t like them because he is racist. 

During a panel discussion on CNN, analyst, Jeffrey Toobin, tied Trump’s distaste for the masked members of the Antifa as a type of dog-whistle racism. 


“Let’s be clear also about what’s going on here. The theme here is, ‘I’m Donald Trump and I’ll protect you from the scary black people.’ Antifa is widely perceived as an African American organization and this is just part of the same story of LeBron James and Don Lemon and Maxine Waters and the NFL players and the UCLA basketball players. This is about black versus white. This is about Donald Trump’s appeal to racism and it just happens all the time.”

Ron Brownstein, another panelist on with Toobin, tried to backpedal the ridiculous comment for him, claiming that when Trump attacks the Antifa, he is actually targeting suburban voters who feel like the protesters bring “too much chaos.”

Toobin didn’t agree with Brownstein, saying, “I don’t know Ron, I’m thinking its just black people and brown people. I think that’s what it’s about and yours is a very sophisticated analysis, but I think it’s just as ugly as it could be.” 

Many took to Twitter to laugh at Toobin’s absurd take, calling it a symptom of “Trump Derangement Syndrome” and questioning his point that the Antifa is perceived to be black.

Demographics of Antifa members aside, the claim that Trump doesn’t like the Antifa because they could be from another racial group is far fetched. Just a few weeks ago, members threatened to kill the president.

One member even suggested they join together to kill the president so they can “do him like Gadaffi.”

That might be one reason, beyond race, that Trump doesn’t like the violent members of the Antifa. 

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