Van Jones Thinks Biden Is Not Ready to Go ‘Head-To-Head’ with Trump in 2020

Randall Hill/Reuters

CNN’s Van Jones isn’t sure 2020 Democratic hopeful Joe Biden is ready for what’s ahead after he stumbled during his first Democratic debate.

Jones said on CNN’s “Anderson Cooper 360” Friday evening that Biden doesn’t look ready to go “head-to-head” with President Donald Trump “or really with anybody.”

Biden struggled during the first debate last week when asked about his own record and the Obama administration’s record on the Iraq War and immigration, as IJR Red previously reported. Additionally, he found himself clashing with Sen. Kamala Harris (D-Calf.) when confronted about his past controversial comments working with segregationists and past opposition to busing programs.

In case you missed it:

“How is he selling that point that I’m the guy who can go in the ring against Trump and beat him?” CNN’s Jim Sciutto asked Jones.

Jones answered that he thought Biden “got dinged up a little bit” in the exchange between Harris, where “he really just wasn’t able to answer it on his feet in that moment.” He added:

“I think he was very honest in saying he was prepared for some of that, but he wasn’t prepared for the more personal and emotional attack that she launched because, frankly, he knows her pretty well and she knows his family pretty well. I thought that was one of the most telling things. He said, listen, I just didn’t expect that.”

Jones noted that when he was watching the debate, he thought Biden “doesn’t look like… he’s ready to go head-to-head with Donald Trump or really with anybody.”

Watch the video below:

Jones added that the former vice president will have to “prove himself again to the American people that he can be that fighter… He does have a history of fighting, but I think he lost some of that electability argument by performing so poorly against Kamala Harris.”

After the first debate, Biden’s support among Democratic voters fell while Harris’ earned one of the highest scores for her debate performance and saw a boost in her favorability, a Morning Consult/FiveThirtyEight poll.

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If you want others to decide how you should spend your hard earned dollars, the vote Democratic. If you want women to have more rights than the innocents about to be born, then vote Democratic. If you want the United States economy to follow Venezuela’s, then vote Democratic. If you want to allow any and everybody including terrorists, drug pushers, child traffickers, rapists, misogynists, racists, murderers, and any and every human scum you can think of to cross our borders freely, then vote Democratic.

Tom Bodine

I doubt any of the 23 can go one on one with Trump, he made the Hilldabeast look bad and she was a seasoned professional liar and cover-up artist these bozo’s are rookies.

william jackson

1st intelligent thought Jones ever uttered.


“…I just didn’t expect that!” Joe said. Hey, you’r not following the script, fool, Joe thought to himself.


trumpuke is an absolute, sub-human swine unfit, unqualified, and unworthy of sitting in the oval office.

He is savagely assaulting the Constitutional, Democratic, Rule Of Law, and Human Decency foundations of America.

He is defecating on America and turning her to excrement.

Just like him and his supporters.


The old Smooch – Flip Flop Joe – is still permanently joined at the hip with #44’s “Got MORE free stuff for votes” Administration. No one has yet called him to task for the long list of failed anti-American policies which created the worst labor participation since 1969, expanded the food stamp population to 13,000,000, pushed 8,000,000 into poverty, lowest home ownership in 51 years, GDP not ever reaching 3% in eight years, irrational policies which demanded businesses move OUT of the United States, Biden’s chummy relationship (to make money for his personal bank account) with the Chinese Communists while… Read more »


Floppy Joe likely stayed quiet for a while at the urging of his minions because it was only a matter of time until he began to prove how stupid he is. Hey, Joe! There’s a pasture waiting for you in Delaware or some place. Meander on out there and chew your cud.


Jones is right. Gropin’ Joe is going Hillary one better by trying a third time for the nomination. He’s old, white, and his pitiful sucking up to the far-Left is transparent. Also pathetic and telling. He’s not a scrapper and he’s got SO much baggage, which he fails to explain or defend. (busing was a BS kluge pushed by the SC and politicians when school vouchers and free choice were more viable options. q.v. white flight. Busing’s unintended consequence was whites fleeing zones affected by busing which resulted in *gasp* more segregation) He failed to prepare and was obviously not… Read more »





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