CNN Asks Wife of Deported Immigrant if She’s Mad at Trump — It Backfires Hard: ‘Our Laws Come First’

Cindy Garcia, whose husband was deported to Mexico in January, was asked by CNN‘s Brooke Baldwin about her lack of anger toward President Donald Trump and his administration’s strict immigration policies.

“I was reading — listen, a lot of people would be furious about what the government has done, maybe express their ire toward the president, but I read that you’re not mad at the government, you understand the laws. Can you explain that to me a little bit? And tell me also, what has ICE said to you?” Baldwin asked.

“Yes, I am not upset at our government due to the fact that I am a U.S. citizen and that our laws come first,” Garcia explained. “Our laws are just broken and need to be fixed, but I can’t be mad at Trump for doing his job because that is his job to protect us as U.S. citizens from criminals.”

Watch the video below:

“The only thing is my husband was not a criminal,” Garcia continued. “Those are the laws that need to be fixed because they’re broken. For the people that are here who were brought as children, doing the right thing, and have never committed a crime, we need to fix a pathway to citizenship for them. For the criminals that have come here illegally, they need to go back.”

Baldwin then remarked how Garcia’s answer did not have any criticisms for Trump or his policies.

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