CNN’s Wolf Blitzer Gets All He Can Handle in On-Air Battle With Rudy Giuliani Over Clinton Email Case

CNN host Wolf Blitzer got into a heated exchange with former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani on the air Friday night as the two clashed over the FBI’s renewed probe into Hillary Clinton’s private email server.

Blitzed challenged Giuliani, an outspoken Trump supporter, on his past claim that FBI Director James Comey’s past conclusion about Clinton’s email scandal was wrong, now that the agency had taken an action he agreed with. Giuliani held his ground, calling Comey a “friend” but also reiterating that his decision to let Clinton off the hook was “logically inconsistent.”

Minutes into the discussion, the debate got heated when Blitzer asserted emails sent and and received by Clinton did not include a classification header. The CNN host said all that was a visible was a “C” marking.

“No, it didn’t actually. Comey didn’t actually say that,” Giuliani shot back.

“Yes, he did,” Blitzer said, ready with video footage of Comey’s testimony to back up his statement.

Image Credit: CNN
Image Credit: CNN

After watching the video, Giuliani rebutted:

“Yeah, but when you see a ‘C’ … [Clinton claimed] it was an indication of alphabetical order.”


“What she did when she said that was absolutely lie. If she didn’t know that ‘C’ meant confidential, she shouldn’t be our secretary of state.”

Here’s a portion Comey’s testimony before Congress on classification markings:

Blitzer responded, “But there was no header saying ‘classified information.’”

“It doesn’t matter! You don’t need a header! I’ve looked at thousands of classified documents that didn’t have a header,” Giuliani said.

The two men never quite found common ground on the issue.

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