Conservative Reporter Attacked by Antifa Speaks out After the Group Left Him With Serious Injuries

Fox News/YouTube

Journalist Andy Ngo spoke out about his experience covering the Antifa rally — where he was attacked and had his gear stolen during an interview — with Tucker Carlson on Monday.

Ngo was covering a protest of white supremacist group Proud Boys in Portland on Saturday when he was targeted.

“I was there documenting this protest by Antifa and its allies, we were a literal stone’s throw away from Portland’s most important institutions on the rule of law, the courthouses, the sheriff’s office, and the central police precinct,” said Ngo.

The journalist has covered Antifa multiple times, but this is the first time he had been attacked. The group is well-known for its violent and aggressive style of protesting.


Ngo described how he was attacked and how his gear was stolen during the attack.

“Some of them used objects to hit me, I don’t know how many people were involved, it seemed like five, 10, 15 or 20, it could’ve been that many,” said Ngo. “They beat me so much that I lost control of my GoPro camera that I was holding, which was then stolen from me.”

However, that was not the end of the attack, with protesters throwing things at him and becoming even more aggressive.

“When I thought it was over I was wrong. I tried to put my arms up to shield my face as well as to signal that I was surrendering and that I wasn’t there to fight. But that really signaled them to be more aggressive, so then they started dumping what I believe were milkshakes and eggs, throwing it at my face which blinded me so I couldn’t see.”

He eventually got away from the attack and was approached by police, who told him that he would have to walk through the protesters again to get to the ambulance. Once he arrived at the hospital, the journalist was diagnosed with a brain hemorrhage in addition to having multiple cuts and bruises.

As IJR Red reported, this is not the first time Antifa has been aggressive, and Ngo’s lawyer has promised to sue them into “oblivion.”

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I would have thought George Soros would have had his Antifa protesters trained better. Maybe he needs to give them (and Black Lives Matter) a pay raise.


I wonder if Mr. Ngo or his employer would consider hiring personal security.

After all, the police have been neutered by the mayor,* who is himself neutered and incompetent. “protect and serve” is a bad joke.

“Law enforcement” literally stood watching while all this happened AND refused to accept witness testimony and photos of the attackers.

*Mayor Dud also stood by while protesters occupied a neighborhood and shut-down a federal office for months.

Jessie Smith
Jessie Smith

They are also mixing concrete and lye in, be careful there.





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