Cohen Accused of Lying Under Oath Again After Claiming He Didn’t Want a Job in the WH During His Hearing

Michael Cohen is being called out for an old habit after claiming he did not want a job at the White House during the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee hearing.

During the hearing, Cohen was called out by Representative Jim Jordan for being bitter he was not offered a position at the White House.

“That’s the point, isn’t it, Mr. Cohen?” Jordan replied. “You wanted to work in the White House, but you didn’t get brought to the dance.”

Although Cohen strongly denied Jordan’s suggestion, many have spoken out against Cohen on the subject. CNN anchors Dana Bash and Jake Tapper spoke out about the situation, saying that their reporting made them question his denials.


Bash also pointed out that they had “witnessed this in real time that this president, probably more than any other, if he wants somebody in the White House, they’re there.”

Some took to Twitter to call out Cohen for his response:

“That he could once again lie under oath is almost as sad as him thinking he would ever actually get the job,” said Donald Trump Jr.

“Michael Cohen asked…no, BEGGED me REPEATEDLY, to ask the POTUS to give him a job in the Administration!” said Darrell Scott. “He’s STILL lying under oath!”

Cohen’s claims were debunked even further after an interview with Chris Cuomo from 2016 was rediscovered.


Cohen responded to questions about working with Trump after became president, saying, “Oh, I certainly hope so,” and claiming he would “one hundred percent” take a job that the president offered.

When asked about his future, Cohen said, “Hopefully it’ll be in Washington.”

Although he did clarify that it depended on where it was offered, this shows Cohen may not be the most reliable source due to him completely denying his previous hope of wanting a job in the White House.