Pelosi Claimed Trump Impeachment Was About Patriotism — Now One Dem Is Using That Against Her

Mark Wilson/Getty Images

Rep. Steve Cohen (D-Tenn.) questioned the patriotism of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) for her hesitation to impeach President Donald Trump.

As IJR previously reported, Pelosi has been trying to maintain the Democratic Party’s unity as some members push for impeachment and other fear how the country would react to the divisive action.

Several weeks ago, Pelosi claimed that it was the patriotic duty of Congress to consider impeaching Trump, but since then, she has backed off that and insisted that the House will wait to impeach until each committee does its own investigation.

Now, Cohen is using that claim to push the speaker to consider impeachment sooner rather than later. During an interview with CNN’s Poppy Harlow, the congressman questioned Pelosi’s patriotism.

Watch Cohen’s comments below:

“She needs to do what is right. She says that she’s doing this because of patriotism, not politics. It’s hard to see that. Patriotism would say jump into hell for a heavenly cause. The fact is when you have a constitution and you have a rule of law, and it’s being destroyed in a reckless gangster manner, you need to act. I think the only reason not to act is because of politics. Patriotism says act.”

Harlow pushed back on Cohen for doubting Pelosi’s patriotism.

“It sounds like you’re saying House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is not being patriotic, is that right?” she asked.

Cohen quickly backed away from his smear of Pelosi but maintained that he believes she’s not doing the right thing:

“Not necessarily. I think, you know, you can be patriotic in different ways. But if your gonna say whether going for impeachment is patriotic or not going for impeachment is patriotic, I think going for impeachment is when you see it laid out before you. I see that.”

Cohen said he “hates to get into it” with Pelosi but said that Trump’s impeachment would be “the best thing for the country.”

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Wayne Lunkwitz

Cohen in my mind will be known as “The Chicken Man” Yep he’s that guy! He’s as much of an idiot as the Dems have in their ranks….Pelosi included…..They should both be forced to 1) Lay off the President 2) Step down ….nothing will save these idiots from the damage already done to their Party ……but stepping aside now and resigning from office MIGHT give the remaining members a chance to repair the damage these two have caused inside their ranks!

Maureen Ronau

Go Pelosi and take Cohen with you.

Janice Dyer

These so-called ‘patriotic liberals’ just want to destroy President Trump, but, I’m sure, they will soon learn that he has done nothing wrong and that liberals (Obama, Hillary Clinton and other corrupt government officials) are behind all of these trumped up charges against him. It is pathetic that our own government is out to ruin this country!





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