Cohen’s Testimony Is Unlikely a Political Game-Changer as Less Than Half of Voters Found Him Credible

Michael Cohen, the former personal attorney to President Donald Trump, testified this past week, but the American people aren’t believing him and aren’t so sure this week’s hearing is a political game-changer.

According to The Hill-HarrisX poll conducted February 28 through March 1, less than half of voters contacted found Cohen’s testimony credible, garnering 37 percent.

On the other hand, 25 percent believed Cohen’s testimony before Congress was not credible, while 39 percent indicated that they have not yet formed an opinion on his claims.

Carlos Barria/Reuters

Among the Republican and Democratic parties, voters were flipped on their views of Cohen.

Cohen’s credibility was viewed differently among the parties, as 15 percent of Republicans found him to be credible, while 58 percent of Democrats said they believe his testimony is credible.

Check out the statistic below:

Forty-eight percent of Republicans thought Cohen’s testimony was not credible, compared to 11 percent of Democrats saying his testimony wasn’t credible.

Pollster Mallory Newall told The Hill that “regardless of what’s happening” in the news — such as the Cohen hearing — the president’s approval rating “generally doesn’t move that much.”

Check out the statistic below:

Cohen’s hearing on Wednesday with the House Oversight Committee was a fiery one as the former attorney’s credibility was blasted by several Republicans who called it a “waste of time” and another congressman pulled out the saying, “liar, liar, pants on fire” — the hearing even drew criticism from some Democrats.

As IJR Red reported, Congressmen Jim Jordan (R-Ohio) and Mark Meadows (R-N.C.) weren’t happy about the hearing and believe Cohen committed perjury again. The two pointed to six alleged lies by Cohen and referred it to Attorney General Andrew Barr on Thursday to look into it.


  1. Perhaps it’s the cynic in me but the mere fact he is an attorney makes me question anything that might come out of his mouth. My political affiliation has nothing to do with that position either. It’s being raised by a lawye (even a self identified Born Again Christian ) that influences my view on this matter.

  2. For those lacking critical thinking skills, what part of “convicted of lying to Congress and self-professed fibber” says he HAS any credibility?

    Let’s also not dismiss his “wrist slap” of a 3-yr sentence when the potential was up to 25. It appears he already got time off for sucking up and he’ll likely serve only half of the sentence he did receive.

    1. Critical thinking skills –

      Do you mean like believing that once someone has lied, that that person can never ever tell the truth ever again, til the end of time?

      Or do you mean like someone thinking that a person who lies and lies and lies and lies and lies and lies and lies and lies and lies and lies and lies and lies but personally speaks the truth to them?

      I am confused.

      1. You DO appear confused to the point that dignifying your question with any form of logical response is a waste of time. Your mind is made up and the only thing confusing is your lack of self awareness about how stupid you appear by asking such a question.

        1. Well, why did you not simply respond that you can’t believe anything anyone would say negative about Trump, even if what they said is the reason you voted for him? Why not tell Gen Confusion that the 9, 750 lies Trump has told were all lies that you wanted to hear, so they are okay with you?

      2. Genital Contusion,
        “Fool me once, shame on me. Fool me twice, hold a series of congressional hearing time-wasters and THAT’S a shame.”

        Let’s review: he’s been convicted of lying to Congress. He says he’s a liar. Your belief that NOW he’s telling the truth is as illogical as Congress’s. Please explain why.

        1. Let’s not forget, he’s been caught lying at this hearing, also.

          1. In prison slang that’s often called “stacking time”, as in “I didn’t know they could pile BS that high.” Perfectly apt when describing Cohen and the whole series of recent hearings.

        2. “Genital Contusion”

          Sargent, arrest Screwtape for insubordination, under Section 85/108.13 of the National Defence Act, and throw him in the brig!

        3. So, you’re telling us that if a person lies to you, you should never listen to them ever again? I distinctly recall Trump claiming “No member of the campaign meet with Russians.” I recall Trump responding to the press that he had no knowledge of the Stormy’s NDA or knowledge of where the settlement money came from. So why would CPAC audience listen to Trump for over 2 hrs yesterday? WHY did you not mention your stance on liars in postings under that article?

          1. Apparently, they don’t accept or understand the concept of “coming clean”.

          2. Getting caught in 6 MORE lies can only be seen as “coming clean” and needing to be just ignored in yours and philly’s bookbook, roc.

          3. Bet neither you , nor philly, would EVER believe Trump could come clean. Only people who say what you want to hear can come clean, even with evidence of MORE lies slapping you right in the face.

          4. Coming clean is a process, a change of character. Trump can’t help himself. He is very unlikely to change, but Cohen seems to be much more rational.

          5. “but Cohen seems to be much more rational. “even with evidence of MORE lies slapping you right in the face.” Just can’t come to grips with THAT problem about your narrative about mr.cohen, can you?

          6. Rocky, Ever heard the saying that “once a liar, always a liar”? Again, did you like Cohen BEFORE he turned on Trump or AFTER? I suspect the latter. Do you like Cohen facing a 25 year sentence and being pro-Trump or the 3 year sentence Cohen who’s lying his ass off against Trump?

          7. I repeat: I thought Cohen was just a Trump sycophant, a lawyer doing lawyer stuff for Trump. I wasn’t spending all day investigating him.

            “Ever heard the saying that “once a liar, always a liar”?”

            Not that I recall. Even if it does exist, I don’t believe it. One reason why is because pretty much any adult that I can think of, and esp any politician, has lied. That includes you, banstan & Screwtape. If you want, you can include me. Not my problem.

            How do you view Trump’s many lies?

          8. I view Trumps misstatements as having ZERO effect on my life. As opposed to Obama’s lies as they relate to his abortion of a health care plan. Under him, my premiums shot up over 20% and yet he told us our costs would decrease by $2000 on average.i guess that’s the price I pay as an overachiever. I could just sit back and enjoy socialism and the vacation it affords me but I’d get bored and with all the patents to my name, I’d hate to stop the momentum, as well as the royalties.

          9. BTW, You really MUST be a child not to have heard that “once a liar always a liar”. I guess the morals of today’s youth conveniently neglects that one!

          10. Maybe I didn’t hang around with kids who thought that way.

          11. Oh, wow. That’s a great attitude. Let’s take one of his early, blatant lies:

            “It will be repealed and replaced. And we’ll know. And it’ll be great healthcare for much less money. So it’ll be better healthcare, much better, for less money. Not a bad combination.” Holt, CBS

            How did that one work out for millions of us? As it turned out, he had no intention of ever repealing AND replacing. He just lied.

            His constant lies also break the bond of trust between the President & the people.

          12. SyPhyis, I don’t believe a f*cking thing you EVER say because I know the only way you think you have a chance of making your point is to lie!!

          13. To answer your question regarding the Stormy NDA, it’s possible he didn’t. To tell you the truth, I don’t give a f*ck! Bill Clinton laid (pardon the pun…not!!!) the groundwork for immorality as president, as your side told us his personal life didn’t matter. Now, all of a sudden, it does. You just brought up.the John Edwards case as it relates to paying off mistresses and it’s dismissal.

          14. BTW, the “Dossier ” that alleged that Cohen was in Russia was summarily refuted and dismissed. Did you miss that part? Cohen pretty much blew that whole (‘hole) case out of the water.

            Tell you the truth, Obama’s lies telling me if I like my doctor I can keep my doctor, AND that I’d save $2000 a year with Obamacare, have had a MUCH more negative affect on my life than ANY misstatement that Trump ever made,

          15. WHC, only an idiot claims 1 thing in the document is inaccurate makes the entire document inaccurate. If you read the dossier you would be aware several items have been proven accurate. Unlike you, because several are true, I do not claim ALL are true. But I did find it perplexing when Rep. Meadows attempted to claim Cohen HAD been to Prague. What did you make of that?

          16. SyPhylllis please cite what was true in that dossier. Even the author has disowned it. But you keep deluding yourself. That’s who you are.

          17. Do you perceive history will give you a pass on supporting the Access Hollywood tape speaker & Howard Stern radio show caller bragging of his sexual assaults on women & teenage pageant contestants BECAUSE Bill Clinton received oral sex in the WH??? Clinton did not have a long history of federal fines for corrupt business practices. Clinton did not have a class action fraud case filed against him. Clinton did not run a campaign targeting the racist, bigot and his beloved “uneducated.”

          18. No, history will know the difference between locker room talk and, “alleged” (Trump) vs. the PROVEN dalliances of Clinton getting blowies in the Oval Office! Someday, history may even include Juanita Broaderick, and the women YOUR friend Billy Boy raped! Ms. Broaderick had no reason to claim rape other than it happened, because Billy was nobody at the time! You to justifyng Clinton’s acts disgusts me. Now, do you want to argue about what brand of cigar Clinton stuck in Monica’s hoo-hoo?

          19. BTW, Clinton DID run a campaign targeting the uneducated, and ignorant (like YOU!!). He ran as a DEMOCRAT!!!

  3. For those lacking reading comprehension skills the correct statement is “ess than half of voters contacted found Cohen’s testimony credible, garnering 37 percent.”

    Let’s hope those afflicted don’t contract Athlete’s Mouth from having their feet so often in their mouths.

  4. “Forty-eight percent of Republicans thought Cohen’s testimony was not credible”

    Why? What was it about *his testimony* that made them think he wasn’t credible?

    1. Along with lack of critical thinking skills, reading comprehension isn’t exactly one of your strengths either, is it, Rocky? The article said 15% of republicans found Cohen credible. Simple math would infer that 85% did NOT or did not have an opinion (the latter I highly doubt)! When you learn to read and do simple ‘rithmatic, come back and play again. Till then take Dr. ST’s advice and get that athletes mouth checked out. It’s infecting your brain.

      1. That quote came from this article!

        You still didn’t give a reason for not believing him. Without repeating the trope, “well, he lied once, so we can never, ever trust what he says now”, why?

        1. Rockhead, are you secretly the alter-ego for Genital Confusion?

          1. Questioning the basis of the main complaint against Cohen is a logic step. The General seems to be logical, if not easily confused by illogical politics.

            I hold no copyright on that line of questioning and I wish *more people* would do that, even if it is only internally, to themselves.

            With your logic, everyone who spews the line that Cohen lied once, he must be always be lying are the same people. Are you?

          2. Your reading comprehension lacks as do your math skills. It is very unlikely your logic skills or application of them are any better.

    2. Just curious, Rocky, what was your opinion of Cohen before he flipped against Trump? Do ya think that his flip (i.e, lie for Mueller) had anything to do with his sentence getting shortened from a potential 25 years to 3? Cohen’s such a stupid man and incompetent attorney that he plead guilty of campaign finance violations that he didn’t even commit!

      1. Before getting arrested? I guessed that he was just another sycophant doing Trump’s bidding. Apparently, I was right.

        I also thought, based on his “Says who?” fiasco, that he wasn’t all that bright. I reserve the right to amend my opinion on that, based on his testimony. Ro Khanna and AOC were masterful at getting good information from Cohen which made him look more competent.

        Sentencing: this is ‘Merica, baby!

    3. For starters, “six alleged lies by Cohen.” What about a CONVICTED LIAR lying again makes YOU think he IS now credible?

      1. What makes you think, aside from Trump, that a person who once lied can’t stop lying?

        1. I guess you missed the FACT that those 6 lies being referred to the AG pretty much answers your question.

          1. Come on, I give you more credit than that.

          2. PLEASE, don’t YOU give me any credit at all. cohen has been caught lying at this hearing also, and YOU still want other people to believe he is golden now. You STILL have NOT answered the question posed to you, “What about a CONVICTED LIAR lying again makes YOU think he IS now credible?” Just keep deflecting AND handing out credit.

          3. I reiterate. You are deflecting from my question.

            Just because someone has lied in the past doesn’t mean that he can never, ever tell the truth again. That is perposterous and illogical, so what is THE REAL reason for you not believing Cohen’s testimony?

            And, as any sane person knows, the President is on record for telling nearly ten THOUSAND lies after getting into office, so that must mean that you don’t believe anything he says, either.

          4. I am the one deflecting. Let me answer your question “what is THE REAL reason for you not believing Cohen’s testimony?” I will use simple English and I will type very slow, just for you,roc. I don’t believe cohen because he has been CAUGHT LYING 6 MORE TIMES at this hearing. PERIOD! I am sorry that YOU believe a CONVICTED LIAR can LIE AGAIN and still be believed. NOW, YOU answer as to WHY you believe a CONVICTED LIAR caught lying again can be believed!

          5. So, out of curiosity, in your opinion, has Trump ever lied? Ever lied while in office of the President?

          6. “as any sane person knows” a CONVICTED LIAR caught lying AGAIN shouldn’t be listened to, but, here you are, trying to convince us all here that cohen is GOLDEN and he’s telling the truth on the points YOU SAY he’s telling the truth on. Good Lord!

          7. Says you. However, you sound pathological.

          8. Oh so mr i never call people names JUST called someone pathological? I suggest that people who think they can psychoanalyze other people JUST from comments on IJR are MUCH MORE pathological than the people THEY are calling pathological. Bet THAT shoe fits, roc.

          9. Saying that you are pathological is not calling you a name. I base that opinion on your words here. It is not rational to think that just because someone has lied that they can never tell the truth ever again. It just isn’t. Whether you believe him or not is your problem but it is possible. At this point, I trust the Committee to make their own decision.

            You still have not addressed Trump’s lying. What do you think about him lying almost 10 THOUSAND times since he got into office?

          10. Were those 10,000 alleged lies of Trump’s reported by the lying Mainstream media? I can pull up a list of 10,000 lies Obama told. You wouldn’t believe them, just as I wouldn’t believe your list. The fact remains, any Trump misstatements have had NO effect on my life or decisions. Obama’s lies HAVE!!! Bottom line: I don’t rely on other sources to tell me what a lie is, I can think and verify it for myself. Which is unlike the lack of critical thinking that opposes me on the IJR.

          11. “I can pull up a list of 10,000 lies Obama told.”

            Do it. I’ll wait.

        2. What makes you think he will stop lying, especially when
          1. he’s got vengeance in mind.
          2. he’s got everything to gain by cooperating in a smear.

          1. Smear? This is public and under oath.

            Vengence? That’s something YOU would do. He gets only three years in Club Fed and a chance to start over while reasonably young.

          2. “Smear? This is public and under oath.” Just how UNINFORMED or OBTUSE are you? COHEN IS GOING TO PRISON FOR LYING IN A PUBLIC HEARING UNDER OATH!!!! So how in your world do you NOW think he would NOT cooperate in a smear because it “is public and under oath?”

          3. Very simply because that would open him up to more charges and a long prison term. He is going to jail, so why make his term even longer?

            You make no sense..

          4. YOU are the one telling everyone here that cohen is golden and you say I make no sense? AND, the reason you say he is golden is that he won’t commit the SAME CRIME AGAIN, which he ALREADY HAS. Who really makes no sense?

          5. 3 years out of a possible 25 AND disbarment.
            Start over as what? An author or maybe a job with BSNBC or the Clown Noise Network perhaps?

          6. Let me guess.

            You think (or suggest) that just because he went to jail that Michael will never work for a day for the rest of his life. A person capable of being a lawyer can’t find his place in a different career path. That someone who worked for the pussy-grabbing “President” can’t find someone to hire him or start another business of his own.

            Is this the stupidity you are peddling on IJR? Really?

          7. I’ve never mentioned his lack of employment. That’s your voice you hear.

            We have the First Step program thanks to President Trump. I specifically mentioned his possible employment as an author or that he now has a resume of badmouthing Trump to shop around. His felon status will only enhance his attractiveness to certain outlets.

            You and Phyllis make accusations of others saying words that are your own. You have demonstrated reading comprehension fails. Are you two related?

          8. “Is this the stupidity you are peddling on IJR? Really?” I don’t recall Screw EVER posting a link that totally disproved the point he was trying to make, like someone named rock has done. Ya know, people who live in glass houses . . . .

          9. Ecclesiastes 3:1 . . to everything there is . . a time to every purpose. I believe we know what Cohen’s purpose is. Rat.

          10. Trump’s purpose appears to be to destroy the Republican party.

          11. It’s flaws are exposed no doubt. McCain, Romney -sayonara. Collegiality doesn’t work. You and the Rashida twaddle are poofing up the democrat party with impeach the Mother F’er oratory? Omar and Cortez can’t find their butts with both hands, if their butts were world globes, and they want to set tax policy. No, Phyl, if the Republican political machinery was rusted and kinked it needed replacement. What “appears” is a valiant effort to disallow the destruction of American values by BHO seedlings

          12. Please point to a post I have called for impeachment? My stance today is the same as it is has been, which is to wait for Mueller Report & investigations he forwarded to SDNY, et al,. If AG Barr doesn’t provide Congress with the full, unredacted report, he will force Congress to open an impeachment investigation in order to successfully subpoena the document. There is currently NOT an impeachment investigation in process in Congress.Oversight is fulfillment of their mandated responsibility

          13. Mooler was the 2nd coming; lately rumors suggest no collusion so now the (Mealy Schiff is a loser extraordinaire) House Representatives, lost & deranged, want to conduct their own investigation. Do you not see what is happening? Oh you do? And you still support the dems wanting to change rules every time a loss is anticipated? Remember our Nation of Laws doctrine? Barr was confirmed btw and didn’t stutter when he said he’d follow Department’s regulations with respect to Mooler’s report

          14. The D’s ALWAYS wanted an actual investigation and follow-up witnesses & document requests to verify the info they were hearing. Devin Nunes did not want to do Oversight. His effort was restricted to protection of Trump. That would have been an admirable priority had he stepped down from his responsibility as a US Congressman and gone to work in the WH or the 2020 campaign.

          15. Everyone is aware of what Barr said. That is WHY the Judicial Committee is preparing to pursue actions needed to obtain a subpoena. Even Devin Nunes wants to see the full report. Perhaps he wants to do another run to the WH to give them the report they already have and hold a press conference. Who knows?

          16. SyPhyllis, your last comment PROVES your reading comprehension is NOT your strongpoint! Khyber was referring to the new face of the DemonRat party, Rashweeda TallDweeb!

            My God ! You are stupid. Better to remain silent and thought ignorant than to keep typing on IJR and remove all doubt!

          17. Exactly what American values do you perceive Obama wanted to destroy that justifies electing what Trump’s current acting chief of staff called “a horrible human being”? That Trump’s former chief of staff called “an idiot”? That Trump’s former Sec of State called “a moron”? And those were his appointees, not his critics! Is pay equality for your wife, sister, daughter that offensive to you? Is preserving judicial inequality for Blacks that important to you?

          18. No judicial inequality should be preserved. You can’t legislate morality silly girl. As for my daughter, pay equality would cost her a fortune. My son will never ask government for a dime, will work non-stop hard for the rest of his life; that’s his focus and at the same time his reward. Like me he’s traveled – so he loves America too. That’s who we are. My ex married a Harvard pinhead so she’s broke and whining about the government; the two are burning up brain capital hating Trump

          19. You lost me on a few issues, How is pay equity & equal justice a MORAL issue?
            What do either have to do with your wife moving on with someone not a replica of you? I’m perplexed when someone leave their spouse for another with the same habits & issues they found unappealing in 1st spouse Look on the bright side. It appears her decision wasn’t based on personal or superficial causes. It sounds as you are in frequent communication, which is nice for your children.

          20. LOL. she didn’t leave me for the Crimson Wokeboy, an egalitarian who’d argue with any fencepost, regardless; she left me for a tall dark handsome younger guy. oob la di.

          21. Because you have a hard on for who was duly elected (Trump) does NOT justify the scrutiny that’s been sic ‘ed on him! The falsification of FISA warrants, the eavesdropping on a political opposition candidate, the bias of the investigators and the obfuscation of these crimes by the opposing administration (Obama’s) is something that happens in Russia, not here…until Obama. Hillary was quoted as yelling, “if that SOB is elected, we’re f*cked!” Why would that be if there’s nothing to hide?

          22. Rashida used language you cited. You’ve never & won’t ever see me use that language. 48 yrs ago while my father & I were carrying belongings to my dorm room, we heard a verbal tirade of obscenity coming from next door. He said nothing until getting back in the car to head home. He looked me in the eye & said, “I don’t talk like that & I do not expect you to come home talking like that.” I didn’t have to ask “Like what, dad?” He’s been gone 26 yrs & I still honor his wish.

          23. If no purpose is clear, then yea, it’s a smear. That Roc doesn’t see that is on him. I hate to burst your benign bubble Screw, but there’s no remedy for his syndrome. He’s been suckling at the Schiff teat, so his immunities to Maxine cankers, Cohen disorders and Nadler madness are self-righteously underpropped with caked media drool.

          24. If no purpose is clear, then yea, it’s a smear. That Roc doesn’t see that is on him. I hate to burst your benign bubble Screw, but there’s no remedy for his syndrome. He’s been suckling at the Schiff teat, so his immunities to Maxine cankers, Cohen disorders and Nadler madness are self-righteously underpropped with caked media drool.

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