Cohen’s Testimony Is Unlikely a Political Game-Changer as Less Than Half of Voters Found Him Credible

Jonathan Ernst/Reuters

Michael Cohen, the former personal attorney to President Donald Trump, testified this past week, but the American people aren’t believing him and aren’t so sure this week’s hearing is a political game-changer.

According to The Hill-HarrisX poll conducted February 28 through March 1, less than half of voters contacted found Cohen’s testimony credible, garnering 37 percent.

On the other hand, 25 percent believed Cohen’s testimony before Congress was not credible, while 39 percent indicated that they have not yet formed an opinion on his claims.

Carlos Barria/Reuters

Among the Republican and Democratic parties, voters were flipped on their views of Cohen.

Cohen’s credibility was viewed differently among the parties, as 15 percent of Republicans found him to be credible, while 58 percent of Democrats said they believe his testimony is credible.

Check out the statistic below:

Forty-eight percent of Republicans thought Cohen’s testimony was not credible, compared to 11 percent of Democrats saying his testimony wasn’t credible.

Pollster Mallory Newall told The Hill that “regardless of what’s happening” in the news — such as the Cohen hearing — the president’s approval rating “generally doesn’t move that much.”

Check out the statistic below:

Cohen’s hearing on Wednesday with the House Oversight Committee was a fiery one as the former attorney’s credibility was blasted by several Republicans who called it a “waste of time” and another congressman pulled out the saying, “liar, liar, pants on fire” — the hearing even drew criticism from some Democrats.

As IJR Red reported, Congressmen Jim Jordan (R-Ohio) and Mark Meadows (R-N.C.) weren’t happy about the hearing and believe Cohen committed perjury again. The two pointed to six alleged lies by Cohen and referred it to Attorney General Andrew Barr on Thursday to look into it.

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Perhaps it’s the cynic in me but the mere fact he is an attorney makes me question anything that might come out of his mouth. My political affiliation has nothing to do with that position either. It’s being raised by a lawye (even a self identified Born Again Christian ) that influences my view on this matter.


For those lacking critical thinking skills, what part of “convicted of lying to Congress and self-professed fibber” says he HAS any credibility?

Let’s also not dismiss his “wrist slap” of a 3-yr sentence when the potential was up to 25. It appears he already got time off for sucking up and he’ll likely serve only half of the sentence he did receive.


For those lacking reading comprehension skills the correct statement is “ess than half of voters contacted found Cohen’s testimony credible, garnering 37 percent.”

Let’s hope those afflicted don’t contract Athlete’s Mouth from having their feet so often in their mouths.

Rocky Drummond

“Forty-eight percent of Republicans thought Cohen’s testimony was not credible”

Why? What was it about *his testimony* that made them think he wasn’t credible?

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