Colbert Plays Memoriam Montage for the End of ‘Fake News’

The host of CBS’s “The Late Show,” Stephen Colbert, piled onto the negative press coverage that has rattled the White House in recent days as the saga revolving around the investigation of the Trump campaign and the Russian government for allegedly coordinating during the 2016 election continues.

On Wednesday, Colbert ran a montage of clips of President Donald Trump saying “fake news” in an announcement of the death of the term.

On his most recent show, Colbert slammed the White House over the emails that Trump’s eldest son, Donald Trump Jr., tweeted out earlier this week that show he willfully accepted an invitation for a meeting with a Russian lawyer after he was promised damaging information on Hillary Clinton.

In his monologue, Colbert said:

“You know the whole, ‘Trump campaign colluded with Russia to influence our election’ and the ‘Didn’t happen, don’t know what you’re talking about.’ Well, it turns out, it did and they do.”

After dragging the White House over some negative headlines it has received in recent days, Colbert ran with a specific quote given by a White House staffer to Politico regarding the future of the term “fake news,” saying, “Russia story will get worse, and you can’t just really say anymore, ‘fake news.'”

Colbert then ran the video “In Memoriam” to mockingly celebrate the life “fake news” experienced.

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