Colbert Rips Trump Over Awkward Funeral Moments: ‘Only Person in the World Who Can Bring Down a Funeral’

Stephen Colbert, Trump at Bush funeral
Screenshot/The Late Show, Kevin Lamarque/REUTERS

At the funeral for former President George H. W. Bush, President Donald Trump sat in a church pew filled with people he’s personally insulted. From former President Barack Obama, who he led the “birther” movement against and demanded his birth certificate to prove he was American, to Hillary Clinton who he says should be in jail.

All eyes were on Trump as he shook hands with the Obamas as the Clintons and Carters stared straight ahead, the row becoming quiet when Trump and first lady Melania Trump took their seats.

Watch the video below:

Late night host Stephen Colbert honed in on the uncomfortable seating arrangement during his show Wednesday night.

“It was quite a moving sight to see the presidents and first ladies in the front row waiting to honor president Bush, chatting comfortably with one another until Trump showed up then it became silent staring time,” Colbert joked. “Donald Trump is the only person in the world that can bring down a funeral.”

Watch the video below:

Colbert highlighted some of Bush’s eulogizers and the touching words they said about the late president.

From former Canadian Prime Minister Brian Mulroney: “When George Bush was president of the United States of America, every single head of government in the world knew that they were dealing with a gentleman, a genuine leader, one who was distinguished, resolute, and brave.”

From historian Jon Meacham: “His life code, as he said, was tell the truth, don’t blame people.”

Colbert said that those quotes gave off an anti-Trump sentiment.

“As soon as you start praising someone’s honesty you’re automatically throwing shade at Donald Trump,” he said. “I mean Obama made Trump seem like a bad president just by sitting next to him.”

Between the jokes and digs at Trump, Colbert acknowledged the legacy of the late President Bush and called the funeral a “touching tribute to a kind man who dedicated his entire life to public service.”

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Michael Runner

Colbert.. who ever hired this ASSHOLE, SHOULD BE TAKEN OUT AND PUT IN STOCKS AND HAVE MONKEYS THROUGH SHIT AT HIM Colbert has never been entertaining

Mike Arthur

I’ll never watch your show only dems would u are poor human being

Mike Arthur

Your no better than the press

Mike Arthur

Stephen Colbert u are a disgrace to America

Gary Reed

Colbert Who? . . .



Nothing has dignity or human grace that a self-serving, obnoxious opportunist can’t wait to exploit.

Would it have been to much to wait until GHWB was actually in the ground before stoking the fires of your own consuming hatred? You are a subhuman in so many ways and those who applaud you are worse.


Okay, first the birther movement was started by H.R. Clinton – not President Trump. While Bush 41 was president the liberal media was not too nice to him either, although not as nasty as the media has become since O was President. As for Colbert – I can’t even bear to watch the commercials for his despicable show!

Madison Summers

Interesting thoughts from Colbert about the euglogies taking a dig at President Trump. However, I feel like their eulogies on George H.W. Bush were solely about Bush’s genuine leadership and honesty, as IJR Red noted that the Bush family didn’t want it to be a political event. ( It was awkward to watch the presidents stare straight ahead. The eulogies though were heartwarming, hearing about Bush’s life from those close to him.





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