Colin Kaepernick’s Socks Say All You Need to Know on How He Feels About Cops

Prior to the San Fransisco 49ers preseason game against the Green Bay Packer, 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick refused to stand during the national anthem.

Image Credit: Getty Images/Michael Buckner
Image Credit: Getty Images/Michael Buckner

Kaepernick explained his actions in a statement to NFL Media:

Kaepernick then stated in an interview with CBS Sports that his problem isn’t with the country’s flag, but with the police, specifically.

Now, a photograph has emerged of the socks Kaepernick has been wearing for the past few weeks:

Twitter isn’t happy about his latest form of protest:

The daughter of a police officer whose son is also a police officer, tells Independent Journal Review that she finds Kaepernick’s socks “insulting,” calling insults to those who serve to protect a “travesty”:

“The young quarterback publicly wearing socks that show pigs with police hats on, is insulting. I am sure that this quarterback’s mother must feel ashamed of her son’s actions. Police officers take such insult, however, [they] are trained to treat ALL with dignity, no matter what.

It is a sad state of affairs that police officers work 24 hour shifts to do their job, in dangerous situations and some people insult them in a very public ways. I’m sure it would be very different if those insulting police officers needed help and safety.”

Meghann Saylor, the wife of a police officer, thinks Kaepernick’s actions are just plain sad:

“It’s sad to me that someone who is in the public eye, and someone who [sic] children may look up to is portraying the police is such a manner. Did he not think that officers have families who think the world of them, and to see someone disrespecting them because of the job they do is sad.

Not all police officers are bad and it’s infuriating how they all seem to be put into the same category. He does have the right to wear what he wants, but it’s in poor taste and who is he going to call when he has an emergency? The Police, so he might want to rethink his actions.”

According to the NFL, Kaepernick is expected to start the 49ers final preseason game against San Diego this Thursday. He is also expected to sit during the Chargers’ 28th annual Salute to the Military.

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