Collins Breaks with Trump and Becomes First GOP Senator to Support Blocking His Border National Emergency

Senator Susan Collins recently spoke out against President Donald Trump’s national emergency declaration, becoming the first Republican senator to officially say that she would support a bill to block the transfer of funds.

Collins spoke to reporters on Wednesday, saying the declaration has “dubious constitutionality.” However, the lawmaker said that the bill would have to be solely for blocking the resolution if Democrats wanted her to vote for it.

“If it’s a ‘clean’ disapproval resolution, I will support it,” said Collins.

This is not the first time that Collins has spoken out against the declaration. She also had an interview on Tuesday that slammed the transfer of funds to build the border wall, saying that was not the law’s purpose.

“I am strongly opposed to the president invoking his national emergency powers. I don’t believe that’s what the law was intended to cover,” Collins said in an interview with a Maine TV station.

She also came out in support of the lawsuit brought against the president by 16 states, saying she would not be shocked if the courts ruled against him.

“I would not be at all surprised if the courts find that the president’s action is contrary to the separation of powers,” Collins said. “I don’t think under the Constitution that he can unilaterally decide to move these funds, which were legally appropriated, from one project to another.”

The senator is standing strong in her criticism of the declaration and her concerns that the law is not being used in the correct way.

“I continue to believe that this is not what the National Emergencies Act was intended to be used for.”


As IJR previously reported, other lawmakers are extremely supportive of the declaration, such as Senator Mark Meadows, who claimed that Congress already had a chance to block it by adding a provision in the funding bill.

If a bill to block the declaration is presented to the Senate, it will need four Republican votes to move forward to the president’s desk.


  1. Perhaps Trump should have procured the funds, then flown them on a midnight flight to the contractors. q.v. Obama and Air Iran.

    1. Better to ask forgiveness than permission when our Congress is myopically driven by a zealous obstructionism to all things Trump. Trump’s idea to make America great, to git ‘er done if you will, sadly doesn’t resonate with Sen. Collins and her 115th and 116th. I didn’t follow Collins enough to know whether she ever did, or would have sanctioned BHO when he circumvented the constitution, but surely shipping cubic yards of €’s & $’s to Death-to-America Iran was especially constitutional

      1. WHAT?? How did you miss Trump ASKED Congress and they said NO? Why exactly did you think Trump shutdown the government for 35 days??
        The Iran re-payment was announced Jan, 2015 & you haven’t bothered to google it even once in 4 yrs?? HOW are you unaware Hague claims tribunal decided AGAINST the US holding Iran’s payment any longer? Before the tribunal could order the US to pay the $400 million and $4b interest, US made a deal with Iran for $1.7B

    2. Procure funds from WHERE? An illegal arms deal? That did not end well for Reagan admin. BUT, AG Barr is back & could re-use his argument for pardoning all the convicted.
      Unlike Obama’s repayment of Iranian money, we aren’t holding Mexican money for arms & military equip. never delivered. If Mexico ordered arms decades ago, they would have long since been delivered and that money spent. There is no Mexican fund to raid. Why do you think Trump is raiding the military funds?

  2. Looks like #45 will have to invoke Marshal Law if the congressionals won’t support our safety and security for our southern border.

  3. It is going to take decades to undo the damage and harm done to this great country by this administration. I don’t envy the heavy workload of the successive Presidents after Trump, to shore up our rules, rights, laws and to reverse policies.

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