They’re ‘Desperate’: Collins Slams House Democrats for Holding ‘Total Joke’ Hearing With John Dean

In Rep. Doug Collins’ (R-Ga.) view, congressional Democrats are using any means to tie impeachment to President Donald Trump.

The Republican lawmaker called Democrats “desperate” for wrestling with special counsel Robert Mueller’s report to try and initiate impeachment proceedings.

On Monday, former White House counsel for Richard Nixon and Watergate witness John Dean testified before the House Judiciary Committee regarding Robert Mueller’s report — Collins called the hearing a “total joke.”

“I am not here today as a fact witness,” Dean said in his opening statement on Monday. “I accepted the invitation to come here today because I hope I can give a little historical perspective on the Mueller report.”

When asked what was accomplished during Monday’s hearing, Collins said, “not a thing.”

Collins added:

“Why are you bringing in someone except for star value? Let’s be very honest. What they wanted there is they wanted the word ‘Nixon’ and ‘impeachment’ because they were trying to tie that word to the president. They cannot find any other way to tie this president to anything else except through innuendo and off-candid remarks.”

The Republican lawmaker suggested Democrats “want the impeachment there so that they let their base think they’re actually doing something when in reality they’re simply rehashing old times.”

Watch Collins’ interview below:

House Judiciary Committee chairman Rep. Jerrold Nadler (D-N.Y.) announced prior to Dean’s hearing that the Department of Justice will be handing over the special counsel’s “most important files.”

When asked by Fox News host Brian Kilmeade if Democrats believe they’re “better prosecutors than the Mueller people were,” Collins responded that Democrats are “desperate to find an answer.”

Collins later added:

“What Mueller did say was that we have foreign interference in our elections … but has my chairman scheduled any hearings on trying to fix that? Have they tried to actually scheduled a hearing on trying to find out exactly what Mueller did find in the affirmative? No, because all they want to do is go after the president to satisfy a rabid base.”

As IJR Red earlier reported, Republican National Committee (RNC) spokeswoman Liz Harrington also knocked House Democrats for the hearing with Dean and “trying to draw this out.”


  1. Collins is 100% right. This is a Dem tantrum because God Mueller didn’t perform as they thought he would. Trump said he wanted to drain the swamp. I think the swamp has lots to hide and they are afraid of Trump big time.

  2. This is the House Judiciary Committee. They are supposed to be all about oversight of the Judicial Branch—the one branch that has NOTHING to do with the Mueller Report. They have no business touching this topic. This is all about Jerry Nadler’s ego!

    Want more evidence for this? Go check out the House Judiciary’s About Us webpage.

  3. This is the living proof that the dems have nothing to impress with…but a non-permitted circus show…hoping that the equipment does not fail!

  4. Okay, how much are the Democrats paying John Dean? You can damn well bet he ain’t free! And he isn’t doing this other than to give himself an ego trip. Nadler and the rest of the Democrats refuse to move on with case closed. What’s it going to be when Trump is re-elected in 2020? Sorry SOB’s. I truly hope the Democrats loose seats in the House and Senate for what they have put the American taxpayer through!

  5. I might be for a pay raise as soon as she raises her IQ score.

    1. …..ain’t gonna happen…..their IQs are stunted at about age 13

  6. Lying, cheating, corrupt Democrats call defending yourself against a witch hunt obstruction. They created a false claim of wrongdoing, spent $25 million and 2.5 years investigating and called it obstruction when the individual being investigated defended himself and tried to get the government working again. What the Democrats did was entrapment, creating a fake crime via a fishing expedition with no crime as it’s basis, sort of putting the cart before the horse. In American justice you investigate a crime after it’s happened, not attempt to create a crime through investigation. But, the Democrats are still at it, with 4 investigations ongoing. If their accusations were true, every person entering a court trial with a lawyer could be deemed guilty of obstruction. That’s not how our justice system works. But, that’s how Democrats work, like the British before the Revolution. Now they’re attempting a coup of our President. Perhaps a new Revolution is coming.

  7. Pretty pathetic that the Democrats would even bring this looser in to hear. Just cements the fact that these cretins have nothing and would bring Mickey Mouse in to hear what he has to say, just to look busy, they are complete idiots. Shows the Americans citizens that in two and a half years since Trump took office, they haven’t accomplished one damn thing to benefit the American people, and I’m talking about us legal ones!!! Trump 2020! Thanks to the radical left wing liberals.

  8. The new ploy of politics. Create a false claim of wrongdoing by a candidate, employ a Special Counsel to investigate it and accuse the candidate of “Obstruction “ when he pushes back against the investigation

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