Collins’ Vote in Favor of Kavanaugh Continues to Linger Over Her Ahead of ‘Tough’ 2020 Election

Susan Collins
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When it comes to her vote to confirm President Donald Trump’s nominee for Supreme Court Justice, Sen. Susan Collins (R-Maine) is sharing that she’s “lost some votes” because of it.

Now-Justice Brett Kavanaugh’s confirmation hearings for Supreme Court sparked national outrage in October of 2018 over sexual assault accusations dating back to 1982 — which he denied.

Collins, a swing vote, cast her vote behind Kavanaugh because, as she previously said, “The allegations fail to meet the ‘more likely than not’ standard.”

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Ahead of the 2020 Congressional elections, Collins is preparing for a “tough” fight, especially after her vote in support of Kavanaugh. She previously declared that she doesn’t “regret my vote in the least.”

“Have I lost some votes because of my decision to support Justice Kavanaugh? Yes, I have,” Collins told Politico. “And I’m sad about that because I explained in great depth my decision-making.”

However, she says, “There still is an appreciation in Maine for someone who looks at the facts of an issue, votes with integrity and independence.”

The Maine Republican hasn’t officially kicked off her reelection campaign bid for 2020, but she did note that there’s “no doubt that this is going to be a tough race.”

Yuri Gripas/Reuters

Senate Majority Whip John Thune (R-S.D.) said, “She’s made some tough votes, she stepped up big time and did a very courageous thing … on the Kavanaugh vote.” He added, “But there’s a political price that comes with that.”

From the end of 2018 to currently, Collins’ approval among voters has gone from 53% to 45%. In comparison, her disapproval has increased from 38% to 48%, according to a Morning Consult’s poll.

Democrat Maine House Speaker Sara Gideon is looking to challenge Collins in the upcoming election, as IJR Blue previously reported.

In the 2020 Congressional Election, there will be 22 Republican seats up for election and 12 Democratic seats.

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General Confusion

“Yes there does need to be proof.” Bob

No, there does not. A confirmation hearing is not a trial, so the Committee members are free to use their own judgment. Collins used hers and that may cost her her seat.

Bob is confused. Don’t be like Bob.

Tom Bodine

Liberals hate the truth and all that profess it.

General Confusion

That was NO proof of any wrong doing” Paul Delfornia

You are confused, Paul.

In a confirmation hearing, there doesn’t have to be proof. Collins forgot that and didn’t error on the side of caution, to protect us. There are many, many other very capable candidates that could have been nominated instead of sticking with a very flawed one. The administration and Senate failed us.

General Confusion

“Aren’t ALL those in the Socialist Party FAR, FAR left of center anti-Americans?” Confused James

No. Just no. You are afraid, very afraid. That’s all, and your fears have consumed you.

Currently, as a group, progressives are the ONLY uncorrupted politicians that are fully prepared to support us, the people, NOT their lobbyist and big corporate donors. They are the only ones fighting to get rid of the corruption.

The ones who are “anti-American” are the ones who get into office and ignore us. Get it yet?

Paul Delfornia

Collins use wise judgement in Kavanaugh’s confirmation. That was NO proof of any wrong doing yet the Lunatic Dems lined up the Delusional Liberal Idiots to spew their Lies & Deceit. If they can do it to Kavanaugh they Can & Will do it to any American who stands in their way. Remember that when you vote next time !!!


It ain’t easy being a moderate…


I do hope Collins wins re-election. Not only is she a person of conscience and consideration, but she’ll be needed in the upcoming fight once RBG is no longer on the bench.

Edmund Hickey

I think Collins did the right thing in voting for Kavanaugh. Our justice system has always been, innocent until proven guilty, up until Democrats reversed it. That the lady who accused Kavanaugh might have had a traumatic experience is possible, but the Democrat’s constant pounding at her of Kavanaugh’s name convinced her, in her own mind that he was the one and passed a lie detector test to confirm it, yet could not remember any other details or even where she was when the alleged event took place. It was all a push by Democrats to discredit Kavanaugh, a Constitutionalist,… Read more »





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