Marijuana Propaganda Ads from Our Past Make New Colorado PSA’s Look Practically Pro-Pot

The legalization of marijuana in Colorado, Washington, and possibly Washington, D.C., has caused many to reconsider the half-century-long battle against the drug, specifically in the case of medical marijuana. The prioritization of the War on Drugs has been questioned –  like the amount of people incarcerated for possession of marijuana.

In fact, for awhile it seemed that the devil’s lettuce was the most dangerous drug of all.

Even worse, it made you a loser, a freak or weird.

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This advertisement has at least one thing right: you should know the facts. However, the same poster refers to the drug as a narcotic, which it is not. Despite one’s views on marijuana, misinformation creates a mistrust and ruins the validity of a person’s argument.

That said, Colorado invested $5.7 million into advertisements warning against underage use and urging people to know the facts. Otherwise, they remain neutral on the drug.

ad 1

It addresses the fact that, like alcohol, weed has been proven unsafe for developing minds.

keep it away from younger ones

In contrast: Back in the 60s, the ads threatened the loss of one’s purity.

devil's harvest
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Today, sharing “the smoke of hell” is OK, as long as you’re 21.

illegal to give or share

Back then, “marihuana” was shown being injected through a needle, which even today’s technology has not caught up with.

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Now, the advertisements suggest exercising caution, but no mentions of “wild parties” or depictions of “MISERY” needles.

must be 21

But the anti-marijuana ads haven’t stopped. In 2014, a group against the legalization of weed in Florida submitted this:

date rape
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Luckily, those cookies won’t make it to Florida.

out there

Back in 2007, MTV Canada suggested marijuana caused incest between brothers.

Image credit: YouTube
Image credit: YouTube

These have been floating around the Internet for awhile, as well…

now i'm gay ads
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Well, at least the weed is in the closet.

store it right

Despite your opinions on marijuana, we can all certainly agree this is still ridiculously awesome:

just say not to drugs
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What do you think? Are Colorado’s advertisements effective?

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