Columbine Survivor Thinks His Classmates Would Be Alive if Teachers Were Allowed to Carry Guns

Patrick Neville, a Republican lawmaker and survivor of the 1999 shooting at Columbine High School, told “Fox & Friends” he thought his classmates would still be alive if teachers had guns at his high school.

During his Wednesday appearance, Neville promoted his legislation that would eliminate gun-free zones and said that those types of policies attracted gunmen.

“The current policy of gun-free zones actually invites these kind of attacks,” Neville told hosts Ainsley Earhardt and Brian Kilmeade. “It’s not a realistic policy, and it sends a message that our students are soft targets. So I want to end the gun-free zones and actually allow good people to defend our students.”

Neville’s appearance came a little over a week after another mass shooting left 17 people dead in Florida.

Neville, Kilmeade said, was “uniquely qualified” to discuss gun-free zones since he attended Columbine High School while the United States had an assault weapons ban.

He told the Florida survivors to “be calm” and that “emotions run high” after events like last week’s. He advised them to “try to find a positive” in their experience, noting that his own experience helped turn around his life and made him realize how important life was.

When Earhardt asked Neville whether he thought his classmates would still be alive if his teachers were allowed to carry guns, he said he did.

“I honestly do think that. I think that had something like this been in place on April 20, 1999, more of my friends would be with me today,” he said in reference to his legislation.

Neville lamented the Democratic opposition he received while pushing the law in Colorado’s legislature. “The opposition that I’m getting on this bill … there’s really no logic to it,” he said.

“It’s just we need to not have any guns,” Neville said of the opposition, which he said was unrealistic. “And the vitriolic and hateful messages I’m getting, it’s pretty amazing,” he added.

Watch his interview above, via Fox News.

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