Comedian DL Hughley Blames ‘Trump Voters’ for His Mean-Spirited ‘Joke’ About Debbie Reynolds’s Death

Comedian DL Hughley got blasted last week for tweeting a highly insensitive joke about the tragic death of Debbie Reynolds.

Reynolds died of a suspected stroke at age 84 on December 28th, just one day after the death of her daughter, Carrie Fisher.

Image Credit: C. Flanigan/Getty Images

The loss prompted Hughley to make this ‘joke’ about the late, iconic actress:

The tweet caused outrage among Twitter users, who called Hughley “offensive” and “disgusting.”

But even after the fallout, Hughley is still standing behind the tweet.

In a video recently posted by TMZ, Hughley said that it’s not his problem if people are offended by his words:

“I told a joke and people didn’t dig it, I understand. I tell jokes, that’s what I do. If people don’t dig it…that’s kind of their prerogative.”

He said that kind of joke is what comedy is all about:

“I imagine that they thought I was being insensitive, but most comedy tends to be insensitive.”

But then he backtracks:

“I wasn’t attempting to be insensitive, I was attempting to tell a joke. And that’s what I do.”

Image Credit: Screenshot/TMZ

Then he turned the tables on the rest of America, calling people out for voting for President-elect Trump:

“I believe that America is insensitive as it is, you voted from Trump. But you’re mad at me for telling the truth. F**k that.”

When the reporter then asked Hughley if he thought Trump was elected in an effort to end PC culture, he said yes. Then added:

“I think that was a hell of a way to make it happen.”

Hughley has been an outspoken critic of the president-elect. He told MSNBC back in June that he thought Trump was racist:

“I think he’s a racist. You can’t equivocate…You can’t be a little pregnant, and you can’t be a little racist.”

And he recently posted this tweet bashing the future 45th president:

The comedian also recently took aim at Bristol Palin in a tweet. After she recently announced her third pregnancy, he joked that her favorite charity was “Unplanned Parenthood.”

Don’t expect an apology from Hughley for the tweets any time soon. When asked if he would ever take an offensive tweet down, he told TMZ, “F**k that.”

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