When Comedian Kevin Hart Finds Out Woman Plans to Extort Him, He Beats Her to Punch

Actor Kevin Hart is typically known as the funny man on the big screen; however, his most recent social media post is no laughing matter.

Earlier this summer, a video came out showing Hart cozying up to a woman who was not his wife, leading many to suggest he was cheating on his wife, Eniko, whom he married last year.

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While Hart denied these allegations, his most recent post indicates that there may have been something he wasn’t telling fans, ABC News reports.

In the post, Hart opened up about some bad decisions he made, stating there are “no excuses” for what he did and that as a result, he will hurt those he loves most:

“I know I’m going to hurt the people closest to me who I have talked to and apologized to, being my wife and my kids.”

While the details in the video are somewhat vague, the married comedian’s post was reportedly made after allegations came out that a woman was attempting to extort millions of dollars from him, claiming to have a video of extramarital relations, TMZ reports.

It’s being reported that Hart’s apology was made to be one step ahead of the extortionists, coming out about his alleged infidelity rather than having it be leaked by the woman.

As of now, the FBI is reportedly investigating the extortion allegations and is believed to have a suspect, TMZ notes.

To make matters worse, Hart and his wife are expecting their first child together soon.

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