Even Comey Says Lisa Page and Peter Strzok Showed ‘Terrible Judgement’ With Anti-Trump Texts

Former FBI Director James Comey added to the criticism surrounding agents Lisa Page and Peter Strzok when he said they showed “terrible judgment” in exchanging disparaging text messages about President Donald Trump.

“That they are bad-mouthing candidates using FBI (phones) is terrible,” Comey told USA Today in an interview published Monday.

Page and Strzok previously took part in Comey’s investigation into former Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton’s emails. In a series of released text messages, Strzok and Page derided Trump and seemed to lament his election in 2016.

“It really bugs me. I think it’s terrible judgment,” Comey reportedly said of the texts. One of Strzok’s texts, for example, read “F TRUMP.”

Fox News Insider/YouTube

After the texts’ release, some questioned whether the FBI had a political bias, but Comey said he didn’t change his view of the investigation.

“It doesn’t change my view of the case,” he said.

The news came on the same day that Trump accused Comey of using political polls to decide whether or not to prosecute Clinton for actions surrounding her emails as secretary of state:

The White House previously called out the FBI for harboring “extreme” anti-Trump bias.

“There is extreme bias against this president with high-up members of the team there at the FBI who were investigating Hillary Clinton at the time,” deputy White House press secretary Hogan Gidley said.

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