Comey Rips Trump Apart During CNN Town Hall, Suggests DOJ Charge Him After Leaving Office

James Comey
Clodagh Kilcoyne/REUTERS

Former FBI Director James Comey thinks there’s enough evidence in the Mueller report that the president could be charged once he leaves office, which Comey hopes is sooner rather than later.

The former FBI Director was the subject of a CNN town hall Thursday night and was asked if the Justice Department could charge President Donald Trump once he’s no longer in the White House.

“Well, I think the Justice Department will have to take a serious look at that,” Comey said.  “Whether it’s the wise thing to do to a former president — I don’t know, that’s a harder question.”

However, he said that “at least a couple” of the possible instances of obstruction of justice outlines in Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s report could be serious enough to bring up charges.

Watch the video below:

On the issue of Russian interference, the former FBI director said the threat is still very real for the 2020 election and that a second Trump term is in Russia’s best interest.

“Going into 2020 [Russia’s] goals, my common sense tells me, will be to continue their overarching goal which is to damage the United States of America and then to support Trump,” Comey mused.

“Because surely they think they’ll do better with someone who jokes on the phone with Vladimir Putin that the Russia thing is a hoax than they will with whoever else may be president.”

Comey has been a stark and outspoken critic of the president since Trump fired him from his position as FBI director. His CNN town hall Thursday furthered highlighted his distrust of the president as he not-so-subtly urged voters not to support the president in the upcoming election.

Take a look:

“You cannot have a president who’s a chronic liar,” he urged.

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The fact that Comey still has the gall to appear on these liberal extremists ‘shows’ speaks volumes about him and the scripted fiasco the radical left deems ‘news’.

Tom Bodine

A DNCNN town hall is like a circus act with Comey as the lead clown.

Maurice David Robison

Paul: I doubt that you PRAY for anything! How could you be wrong about something that you didn’t even venture an opinion on? “Hoping and praying that Trump supporters aren’t also lying, racist, sexual deviants” isn’t anything you could be either right or wrong about. You’re not very smart, are you?
Trump didn’t “grant immigration rights to his current wife,” he granted her citizenship to the USA! Idiot! You’re just jealous of Trump!


Carol, and still you support him. What can Donnie do to make you wake up and be concerned for America?

Don Snyder

We’ve had chronic liars forever in the Oval Office. Or did you forget Barak Obama, Bill Clinton, Richard Nixon and a few others? You lied, why are you different?

Craig Reynolds

Is it just Russian trolls reading and commenting on this article? Or people who don’t read Real News?
Or do these people just have a problem with professional journalists?


Rips apart? Tin Lizzy must rely on a on a different set of ‘facts’ than intelligent people do.
Comey is a bullshit artist and should be relishing time in Leveanworth with other traitors and miscreants.


I certainly hope and pray that all of you Trumpers are also not lying, racist, sexual deviants, but then, again, I may be wrong. After all, he did grant immigration rights to his current wife because she was a pole-dancing stripper. And he admitted he would like his way with Ivanka if she wasn’t his daughter. And, oh yes: his pay-offs with his playmates. But you admire those attributes. By the way, what cologne does our esteemed leader use on his crotch?

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