18 Compelling Photos from Last Night’s Freedom March Show Why the Terrorists Won’t Win

In Paris alone, over 1.5 million people showed up in solidarity against terrorism last night. Attacks in France this past week left 17 people dead, but more than 3 million came out to march in unity rallies across the country.

These images of the unity movement are some of the most poignant shared on Twitter. It’s possible that the rallies were even larger than those held after France’s Liberation in 1944:

Many who participated came in support of the #JeSuisCharlie (I am Charlie) movement:

The Blaze pointed out that 2.5% of France’s population (total of 66 million) showed up to the rallies:

The Freedom of Speech and Press will not be silenced:

The symbolic pencil was used creatively across the country to symbolize the power of the pen:

Even NATO expressed their solidarity with France:

International leaders came to Paris. Chancellor of Germany Angela Merkel’s reaction to French President Francois Hollande is especially touching:

The text below reads: ‘I am Charlie. I am Jewish. I am Muslim. I am French’:

 The overwhelming turnout in Paris closed the entire city down:

People from all nationalities, religions, and ages stood up to terrorism in this momentous rally for unity:

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