17-Year-Old’s Mind Is ‘Blown’ After Confederate Flag-Wearing Man Pulls Over to Car With Flat Tire

A 17-year-old girl, who goes by Channnn on Twitter, shared that she got a roadside lesson to not judge a book by its cover when a man, who was wearing a Confederate flag T-shirt, pulled over to help her and her dad change their tire. 

On Thursday, she wrote on Twitter that while she was in the car with her dad, the tire blew up on the freeway. Channnn, who identifies as a black American, shared a photo of the man who pulled over to help them when they were stranded. 

She explained that along with Cody’s Confederate flag T-shirt, he also had a Confederate flag tattoo and Confederate flag car stickers. 

“My mind is blown,” she wrote, “Don’t judge a book by its cover y’all.” 

In a subsequent tweet, she pointed out that she doesn’t consider herself liberal or conservative but instead someone who thinks for herself. She added that she doesn’t believe in flying the Confederate or Virginia battle flag.

“For me and my family, as a black person, the Confederate army = oppression,” she tweeted. “Therefore the flag as a symbol utilized = oppression.” 


The 17-year-old further explained that people who support the Confederate flag are signaling a refusal to “recognize or validate my opinion or how it makes me feel”: 

However, she shared with Twitter users that the face-to-face encounter with someone who clearly has different feelings toward the flag taught her that “not everyone sees it that way.” 

“Y’all associate the flag with different sentiments, not necessarily racist ones,” she tweeted. “Cody is a great guy and my dad and I are grateful for his help.”

Elvert Barnes/Flickr

Channnn concluded the tweet with the statement that she disagrees with him supporting the flag but still considers him a nice guy.

Her tweet has been liked over 130,000 times, and the experience is a lesson to all of us that encountering differing opinions in the real world, instead of solely on the internet, is important.

Although it may not change someone’s opinion on the topic, they may walk away with a new understanding of the other side. 

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