Conservative Leaders Speak Out Against Alleged Florida Voter Fraud: ‘I Will Not Stand Idly By’

Many conservative leaders are speaking out about the alleged voter fraud in Florida, calling it a coordinated attack on conservative politicians who won their midterm races.

Broward County and Palm Beach, Fla. are both in the middle of controversy for alleged voter fraud due to hiding information about votes and election supervisors using their own judgement when counting incorrectly filled out absentee ballots.

“I will not stand idly by while unethical liberals try to steal an election,” Senate candidate Rick Scott said.

According to a Miami Herald reporter, there were also multiple people who attempted to vote twice in close-by Miami-Dade County.

Many conservative leaders are speaking out about the situation and reminding voters of Florida’s history with voter fraud. President Donald Trump was very quick to tweet out his support of Scott.

Senator Marco Rubio also tweeted out a thread pointing out all of the past controversies over Broward supervisor Brenda Snipes.

GOP Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel called out Snipes as well, saying this was not the first time she has faced controversy.

Both the Senate and gubernatorial races seem to be headed for a recount due to the extra votes being found and counted. Senate candidate Bill Nelson claimed that Scott’s actions were “politically motivated” and Snipes claimed that the accusations against her were “blown out of proportion.”


  1. Could someone please relieve Aunt Jemima of her election duties?

  2. Her Scott – why didn’t you get rid of this woman while you were governor of Florida if she is so horrible at her job? She has been there 15 years, so wouldn’t that be something you would have wanted to do before you ran for election? Let the votes be counted!

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