New ‘Conservative Squad’ Gets Mixed Reviews on Social Media

Fox News

Four Republican female candidates for Congress are calling themselves the “conservative squad” and pledging to fight socialism.

The candidates, taking a cue from the four prominent Democrats (Reps. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.), Rashida Tlaib (D-Mich.), Ilhan Omar (D-Minn.)and Ayanna Pressley (D-Mass.)) known as “The Squad,” appeared together on Fox News Thursday and called for a new generation of conservatives. The group is composed of Alabama Congressional candidate Jessica Taylor, Minnesota congressional candidate Michelle Fischbach, South Carolina congressional candidate Nancy Mace, and Texas congressional candidate Beth Van Guyne.

“This is about bringing the conservative message to the people of the United States,” Fischbach said. “So that people understand that we’re looking at do-nothing Democrats. They are obsessing about impeachment and not really doing anything for the people of the United States anymore.”

On social media, the group was met with mixed reviews. The Justice Democrats Twitter account quickly mocked the candidates in a tweet that was then shared by Omar.

Even some conservatives and allies of President Donald Trump, among them Sheriff David Clarke, reacted negatively to the women.

Others seemed excited about the prospect of a group of young, conservative women acting as a counterbalance to the now-famous Democratic squad.

The conservative squad said its goal was to join Congress and focus on legislation that would help job creation. They accused Democrats of “taking a sharp left turn” and abandoning American values and job creation. Based on the social media reaction to their appearance, it’s unclear if this group will be embraced by the right in Congress. But first, they’ll have to win their upcoming elections.

“This is not your grandfather’s GOP anymore,” Mace said.

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Flattery; is that why you straighten your hair? Still looks awful but it’s been chemically altered to be straight. What ya all think of that Omar?


with so many white nationalists unemployed? these guys need to come forward, NO MORE AOC, OR MUZZIES! THE LAST CENSUS LISTED 4 WOMAN TO EVERY 1 MAN?!

Mark Schlesinger

These ladies pass MY eye test!

General Confusion

I am confused.

One of them was a Waffle House waitress. After what American Fascists have said about AOC being a bartender, is she disqualified too?

Teresa DeBerardinis Huggins

I hope everyone of them wins their race! I heard them speak and they are all strong, determined woman!


someone remind Ms Omar that sometimes imitation is also the sincerest form of stupidity how else to explain the moronic trend of wearing pants that hang down low enough to expose your (hopefully) underwear clad ass cheeks.





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