Young Conservative Women Asked About Biggest ‘Misconceptions’ of Them — Here’s What They Said

Cabot Phillips, the digital media director for Campus Reform, recently attended Turning Point USA’s Young Women’s Leadership Summit and asked attendees what they thought were the biggest misconceptions of conservative women

Several of them explained that they’ve been attacked for only having conservative views because they’re parents are conservative.

“Hillary Clinton thinks our husbands told us to vote,” another attendee said. “I’m unfortunately still single, so I don’t have a husband who’s telling me how to vote. So I created my own mind for myself, and that’s definitely a misconception.”

“I feel more free now that I’m conservative than I ever did when I was a liberal,” another said. “So I used to be a big Bernie Bro, and I worked on his campaign for a while, and then I just realized, like, how radical the left was,” she later added. “They’re so radical, and they don’t really care about facts. They’re all about the feelings.”

Several of the attendees also said that they’ve been criticized for not “buying into” identity politics. One of the attendees explained that she’d been asked how she could be “a conservative as a woman?”

“How can you not?” she responded.

Watch the video below:

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