Conservatives Unload on Press Pool After They Defend Acosta’s ‘Grandstanding’ at Wild Press Conference

CNN’s Jim Acosta and President Donald Trump got into a heated exchange that left some conservatives and media figures at each other’s throats.

The president clashed with Acosta after a series of questions about the migrant caravan, but the conversation became personal in a hurry.


After this exchange, many in the media rushed to Acosta’s defense. CNN released a statement calling the president “dangerous,” claiming that he “does not respect a free press.”

Many outlets expressed concern at the fact that a White House staffer attempted to take the microphone away from Acosta, who wouldn’t stop talking even though he received answers to two different questions.

NBC, in particular, took some heat for their coverage of the altercation, with many conservatives wondering if Acosta should have put his hands on the staffer as she tried to take the microphone back.

Watch the altercation:

While many reporters joined in defending Acosta, several others were quick to point out that they felt he acted inappropriately, “embarrassing the profession.”

Many prominent Republicans lashed out at Acosta for his behavior, blasting many of his defenders in the press pool at the same time.

While this clash was explosive, it is not the first time either Acosta or Trump have been in hot water for how they’ve treated each other, but it is clear that the lines are being drawn in the sand between the right and the majority of the press pool.

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Acosta is a fool, but he clearly didn’t intentionally lay his hands on the woman grabbing the mic. Since when is it OK to try to wrench something from someone’s hands?


Excellent. The White House has suspended Acosta’s pass to enter. Being a shit to those in power, other journalists, and a young staffer has consequences.


Buddy Alton

I think Acosta and others have been pushing their luck and grandstanding with President Trump since day one and he’s fighting back AS HE SHOULD. I’d have told the network right off the bat: They have the right to ask questions respectfully but there are rules of respect/civility in press conferences and they either follow those rules or suffer the consequences, which may include being barred from the conferences.

Liz Shelley

Sharing is an ideal we are taught from the time we learn to walk and talk. Apparently Mr. Costa needs a refresher course.


Question: do WH press personnel need to get special insurance in case they get caught between Acosta and a mike?


Acosta IS a disgrace, not just to his alleged profession, but to men in general.

Can you imagine the cacaphony raised by the Left if a Reprobate or conservative (not necessarily the same things) assaulted a young woman like that?

It was clearly unwanted touching. Where’s #METOO on this?





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