Conservatives Left Scrambling After Losing Majority in British Parliament

In a significant loss, Theresa May’s Conservative Party failed to maintain its majority in the British Parliament in yesterday’s election. CNN reports that this loss will force May to form a new government.

With no party winning a majority of seats in the legislature, Britain is experiencing what is known as a “hung parliament.”

This means that multiple parties must come together in order to form a government. According to CNN, May, whose party won the most seats in the election, will likely team up with the Democratic Unionist Party of Northern Ireland.

This loss is particularly embarrassing for May because she called for the elections three years sooner than required. In the U.K. the government can hold “snap elections,” meaning they can call for elections more frequently than mandated.

May called the early elections in an attempt to bolster the Conservative’s majority in parliament; however, the night ended horrifically for May and her colleagues when they lost 12 seats, and their rival, the Labour Party, gained 31 seats.

The third largest party in Parliament, the Scottish National Party, lost 19 seats in the election.

Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn called for May’s resignation as Prime Minister due to the large loss of Conservative seats.

May has announced that she will not be stepping down and will begin working to form a new coalition government. “I will now form a government — a government that can provide certainty and lead Britain forward at this critical time for our country.”

After May won reelection to her own seat in Maidenhead, she gave a speech calling for “a period of stability” within Great Britain.

CNN reports that the election results could cause an issue with Britain’s so-to-be-enacted exit from the European Union, a move commonly known as “Brexit.”

When May called for the elections in April it was believed that Brexit would be the primary issue, according to CNN; however, with multiple terror attacks taking place in London in the days leading up to the election, May faced scrutiny for the policies she put in place as Home Secretary. A position she held for six years prior to becoming Prime Minister.

May announced that her new government will “guide the country through the crucial Brexit talks that begin in just 10 days.”

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