Conservatives are Furious — Murkowski Voting ‘No’ on Kavanaugh ‘Empowers the Worst in Agenda-Driven Politicians’

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The Senate met for a procedural vote on Friday for the Supreme Court nominee, advancing the confirmation to a final vote for Judge Brett Kavanaugh — and one key GOP swing vote senator went against her party voting “no.”

The Republican senator, Sen. Lisa Murkowski (R-Alaska), thought Kavanaugh was a “good man,” but went against her own party to vote “no,” however, still ending the Friday vote of 51-49.

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“[I] took the very, very difficult vote that I did. I believe that Brett Kavanaugh is a good man. I believe he is a good man, it just may be that in my view he’s not the right man for the court at this time,” Murkowski said, The Hill reported.

Murkowski said she didn’t make her decision on the vote until she walked onto the Senate floor, not sure if the vote had come down to Kavanaugh’s qualifications or something “bigger than the nominee.”

“I believe we are dealing with issues right now that are bigger than a nominee and how we ensure that our institutions, not only the legislative branch but our judicial branch, continue to be respected. This is what I’ve been wrestling with.”

Even though the Senate Republicans came out on top advancing the nominee to a final vote, some people weren’t so happy with Murkowski’s decision.

Read Twitter reactions below:

Friday’s vote comes a day after the FBI released a report on Kavanaugh to the White House then to the Senate for review — the report was kept in a room, where only two senators were allowed at once and were not allowed phones or notes.

The FBI investigated Christine Blasey Ford’s accusations against the Supreme Court nominee of sexually assaulting her at a gathering in high school in the early 1980’s.

The results — Republicans said there was no additional corroborating evidence, while Democrats said the investigation was limited and left out key witnesses.

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The full Senate vote on Kavanaugh’s confirmation is scheduled for as early as Saturday afternoon and there remains four key swing vote senators.

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  1. Let’s remember that Murkowski lost her primary to another Republican candidate. She couldn’t take NO for an answer so she ran in the general as an independent. She is in no way, a Republican. She must really HATE Alaska because staying in DC seems very important to her. If there any Alaskans reading this, PLEASE fire her at your earliest opportunity! She didn’t get the hint last time.

    • Obozo’s phrase “desperately clinging” comes to mind.

      It’s unsurprising considering her pedigree. Her daddy Frank, was forced out of the governor’s office for corruption.

      There’s a reason that priests/rulers are called the “kleptocracy”.

  2. Truly a sad day for innocence. A “no” vote is the same as saying Judge Kav is guilty of the alleged crimes. Fire her ass Alaska.

    • There is not a conservative Senator in the 115th Congress. All Republican Senators in 2017 voted for the tax cut and jobs bill when the economy was by their own admission “in great shape.” Adding 1 trillion to the national debt when the economy is hot is no one’s definition of fiscally responsible.

  3. Would like to know what Feinstein said to her in the hallway just after the first hearing.
    She had a look of fear on her face. Now that’s something the FBI needs to investigate.

    • Hey Tom, That Hallway scene between Di Fi and Lisa reminds me of tje Godfathers offer she can’t refuse. Just wondering what Di Fi offered her.

    • ….YES…TomG…and others…We would like to know just what Mrs Feinstein said to Ms Murkowski. Normally, Democrats talk to so-called Conservatives. Do you think that Mrs
      Feinstein ‘has something’…on Ms Murkowski?? We would all like to know! I never did trust Ms Murkowski after she lost the primary…when she ran…as a write-in Independent candidate for U.S. Senator…in the general election…and won. This practically never happens!…but it did in this instance!

  4. Lisa, You let the people of Alaska down and it will come back to you in a big way, You convict a innocent man with your no vote . You will not be welcome back here in Alaska.You will never get my vote again and I will work against you when you come back and want my vote.

  5. During her nonsensical speech, she looked like someone had just threatened her life, and she was about to have a nervous breakdown.

    • She is pro-choice and anti-violence against women. Perhaps she should change her caucus to the Democrats which would make it 50-50 until Jan 3, 2019. What else has Pence got to do except break ties on Senate votes—if you believe him, they do not tell him what is going on in the Oval office.

  6. Murkowski you are such a fake. I wanted to throw up when I listened to you and you using that baby girl voice like Ford did. You are an idiot and should resign from your position as you are no Republican. You were only there for attention. No one respects you and sees you as an idiot.

  7. This mean you are able to assault,rape,even kill anyone and get points,high paying job.rewarded for it and. you will serve no long as your a judge,?or white celeb.bill got how much.and the man that have hiv had sex with numerous women was set free.still making movies or on tv.Charlie?

  8. HUSBAND connected to Russia wife die weeks befor fbi investigation on kavanaugh Ok, lets move on now.WHATS done is funny how they(trump,REPUBLICAN) made their final decisions when it was announced she was pronounced legally dead.and fbi found nothing.on KAVANAUGH.strange.very strange.

  9. I hope that Lisa Murkowski’s husband or a son of hers is not accused of rape by another woman, because apparently Ms Murkowski does not believe in everyone’s right to “innocent until proven guilty”. In addition, if a woman says it happened, then we must believe her even without evidence!! Lisa Murkowski, resign from your position as a Republican in the Senate and switch over to a Democrat – we’re better off without you.


  11. Murkowski is the dumbest Republican, if she was a Democrap she would bu Shelia Jackson Lee or Waters…. The Republican party doesn’t need this moron any longer…. Does Alaska have a way to impeach this traitor????

  12. You said you voted “in conscience!”
    I ask what conscience??????
    You have none. You are a murderer!!!! You are a shame to every Polish person in America. Poles are pro life! You love to murder babies in the womb.
    I hope Sarah Palin wipes you out of the box!
    You are a Demon Rat, no a Republican. You don’t belong in the US Senate, you dumb idiot. You and Ford belong behind bars for life. You are pathetic! You speak was a joke. A 2nd grader could make better sense!

  13. It is hard to believe that some one as dumb as her was elected in Alaska. She must have went to the same liars club as Ford. Ask your self what did Ford have to gain with her testimony. Maybe it could be over Five Hundred Thousand US Dollars put in an account with her name on it. Typical Democrat Party Play Book. Someone should investigate each of those Democrat Senate Members as well How Obama parlayed 8 years of a president salary into 40,000.000 cash and the IRS not think maybe we should look into how this worked? And where did the 500K come from that Poor miss treated Ford Received.

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