Conspiracy Theorists Stage Another Off-The-Rails Press Conference Outside Washington DC

Jacob Wohl and Jack Burkman, a pair of conspiracy theorists just across the Potomac River from Washington DC held another one of their trademark press conferences on Monday morning in the driveway of Burkman’s house.

Burkman and Wohl are known for these events in which they accuse high-profile Democrats of salacious crimes. They have accused Pete Buttigieg, Elizabeth Warren, Robert Mueller and Kamala Harris of absurd sexual escapades. On Monday, they turned their attention to Republican Senator Ted Cruz in a transparent attempt to show that they are bipartisan jesters.

The press stopped attending these shows a few weeks ago, though there was a period in which reporters from mainstream outlets ventured across the river to see Burkman and Wohl.

The reporters who once attended the press conference have been replaced by hecklers who blast airhorns and one man who brings a banjo as Burkman and Wohl are talking.

Here’s a scene from the event:

The banjo player and the bullhorns drowned out almost all of the remarks that the pair delivered into the microphones. At one point, they brought forward a woman who claimed that she had a sexual liaison with Senator Ted Cruz that took place at the Mayflower Hotel in Washington DC — Burkman and Wohl seem to place all of their fraudulent crimes at the Mayflower.

Here’s a shot of the heckler with the banjo:

Monday’s event also featured Milo Yiannopoulos, a far-right figure who wrote for Breitbart until he resigned over remarks about pedophilia. Yiannopoulos’ remarks were also drowned out by the hecklers. Wohl and Yiannopoulos are both banned from Twitter, which has vastly decreased their audiences.

The event ended after a few hecklers shouted questions at Burkman and Wohl. Moments after they retreated into Wohl’s townhouse, the police appeared and an irate neighbor who was furious about the ruckus being caused on his street.

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General Confusion

Jacob Wohl? [Burst out laughing]

He is an ACTUAL basement dweller. The phone number he gives out is his mother’s home number. Why he isn’t in jail yet for fraud is beyond me.

To associate with Yiannopoulos shows just how pathetic and irrelevant they both are.


Heckle and Jekyll were much more entertaining, and far smarter than the magpies in this country who are trying to ‘make names’ for themselves via bullshit.
‘Cowbirds’ actually peck cow patties to get some of their sustenance. Oooooh! Am I showing my rural roots? God forbid! Everyone knows that only urban sophisticates really know what’s going on.





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