Conway Blasts Biden Amid the Controversy Surrounding Trump’s Conversations with Ukrainian Leaders

Counselor to the President Kellyanne Conway called out former Vice President Joe Biden as being the main reason President Donald Trump is facing controversy over his conversations with Ukrainian leaders.

Trump and Biden have somehow tangled each other into a spinning controversy that started when the former vice president spoke about his negotiations with Ukraine while serving under President Barack Obama.

As IJR reported at the time, Biden bragged about withholding military aid to Ukrainian officials unless they fired a prosecutor he claimed was corrupt. That very prosecutor, however, was investigating Biden’s son, Hunter Biden, leaving some to question the true reason the vice president forced out this prosecutor.

Following those questions about Biden, Trump and his personal attorney, Rudy Guiliani, asked Ukrainian officials to look into the matter — something Trump has admitted. This has been controversial because a whistleblower in the intelligence community claimed that Trump also threatened to pull military aid if they didn’t give him dirt on Biden.

The White House denies that any threat or pressure was put against the Ukrainian leadership to turn against Biden.

In response to this controversy, Conway highlighted that there is evidence that Biden — according to his own words — used the funding to sway Ukrainian officials. She told “Fox & Friends” that there is no evidence Trump did anything inappropriate. She explained that Trump’s decision to delay funds to Ukraine was based on him wanting to confirm the new president would not misuse the funding.

Watch Conway’s comments below:

“The president wanted to talk to [the new Ukrainian president] first, to make sure that this person, the new president who won in a landslide on the anti-corruption agenda was actually going to execute on that and keep the promises of his presidential elected platform. Look, they got their money but Joe Biden is bragging about withholding $1 billion in loan guarantees. ‘I’m gonna be here for six hours.’ Maybe then thrusting into insolvency — a country next in the shadow of Russia. We’re the toughest on the sanctions. And, by the way, you know how the president feels about everybody pulling their weight.”

As for Biden’s 2020 chances, Conway claimed Democrats are “scared” that their front-runner has been struggling on the campaign trail.

“He’s gone from electable to incomprehensible. I think that’s what this is about, too. The media sees another Hillary Clinton in the making and they are trying to figure out a way to prop him up. He’s gone in a short month from the most electable — he’s going to be Donald Trump, which was never true, always a fiction — to he can’t even beat an angry socialist like Elizabeth Warren in the polls in Iowa. They are worried.”

Conway ran Trump’s 2016 campaign, making her the first woman to successfully lead a presidential campaign.

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Biden has now dropped from being #1 to #2 behind Warren to #3 behind Warren and Sanders; just ahead of Mayor Butthead and Harris (3% each). WHEN the facts come out, maybe he’ll drop out and stop embarrassing himself and the United States.,


Democrats must have targets painted on their toenails. They’re gonna need those high capacity magazines they want to ban in their assault rifles to blast off all their pesky toes. Or, to take Biden’s advice from a few years ago, “use a shotgun!”

Biden has the most to lose in this one. ‘Bout time!!





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