Kellyanne Conway Calls out Top Dems for Publicizing How to ‘Evade the Law’ During Pending ICE Raids

Counselor to the President Kellyanne Conway condemned top Democrats for advising their followers on how to avoid apprehension by Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE).

President Donald Trump announced that mass deportations raids would be taking place in nine major cities throughout the United States on Sunday. In response, several leading Democrats, including Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.), posted warnings to social media about how to evade ICE agents, should they face deportation.

While Democrats claim they only want illegal immigrants to know their rights ahead of the planned deportation, Conway believes these displays are elected officials calling for individuals to evade law enforcement.

During an interview on “Fox News Sunday,” Conway told host Chris Wallace that it was “outrageous” for members of Congress to publicly defy law enforcement efforts.

Watch Conway’s comments:

“That includes Speaker Pelosi, who is telling people how to avoid ICE enforcing the law in some places. She should go spend a little bit more time in her hometown of San Francisco where you have more people addicted to drugs than you have enrolled in the public schools, I read in one report this morning. So it’s really outrageous for people who take the oath of office and are elected to uphold the law, to then tell people how to flout and abuse and in fact evade the law. That is not their job.”

Conway claimed that Pelosi and her fellow Democrats should spend more time working on legislation to end the crisis at the southern border than warning illegal immigrants on how to evade ICE. She gave them an easy plan to follow if they want to make a difference.

“And the people on Capitol Hill who won’t do their jobs — I made it so easy. I’ve been talking about this for a long time, but it made it easy for them: fix [the] Flores [settlement], fix asylum laws, fix TVPRA (Trafficking Victims Protection Reauthorization Act). It’s on an index card. I actually put it on a post-it. They won’t act, all they do is scream and scream.”

As far as the deportations go, Conway noted that she was against any policies that separate families and acknowledged that the planned deportations will aim to mitigate any further separations.

For now, it is unclear how many illegal immigrants will be deported and if the deportations will have the intended result of curbing future mass migration from Central America.

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Scott N Kimberly McBroom

Since the Dems like obstruction of justice, contempt, and treason, they ALL need to be arrested and held accountable!! NO EXCEPTIONS


When does DOJ start charging these Dems for aiding and abetting?


Why is the DoJ NOT prosecuting violations of ‘aiding and abetting’?

On the other hand, the 9th circuit (yes, the 9th “circus”) has upheld the withholding of some funds from sanctuary cities (which defy federal law).


I don’t really like a lot of the speed limits on highways in my area. According to Democrat Party “logic” it should be permissible for me to ignore that law and not worry about being arrested. Anyone having to go to court should use that type of defense and ask the ACLU to defend them.

Bonnie Keever

These are people deem by the court who had their court hearings that never showed up in court to be deported back to their country because they didn’t fit the asylum law you telling them to avoid is committing a crime at least it would be to the average citizen they have no rights they are illegals you don’t dictate and make your own law as far as I am concerned anything that happens that is bad they should be held accountable every one of them

william jackson

What these D-RATs are doing is called “aiding and abetting”—it’s illegal—-these D-RATs s/b arrested accordingly.


legislators showing illegals how to break the law. that’s why they’re coming here by the thousands. look up the word SEDITION Nancy.

MariaRose Randazzo

I can’t believe the audacity of these politicians to think that citizens are lesser important. Are they saying that they actually know that there’s such a large amount of people here in their districts that aren’t citizens?





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