Conway Dismisses Dems Disapproval of Trump’s Kim Jong Un Visit, Says He Should Win Noble Peace Prize

White House counselor to the president Kellyanne Conway is dismissing those who criticized the president’s historic visit with North Korean Leader Kim Jong Un.

President Donald Trump made history on Sunday as he stepped foot in North Korea. The two leaders also decided to resume nuclear talks — Trump calling it a “very good meeting” between the two as IJR News reported.

However, Trump’s surprise visit with the North Korean leader didn’t sit over well with some, as several 2020 presidential Democratic hopefuls pushed back.

Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) claimed Trump was “squandering American influence” while “exchanging love letters with a ruthless dictator,” while former Vice President Joe Biden (D) suggested Trump was “coddling” dictators over national security.

Additionally, Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.)  — a critic of Trump — labeled the president’s move a “reality show foreign policy.”

Conway, however, swiped back in saying former President Barack Obama “was handed the noble peace prize, but President Trump is on his way to actually earning one.”

She went on to claim Trump has been “very clear, very transparent, and very public” on what’s been going on between his and Kim’s discussions.

“He also says if it doesn’t work it, it doesn’t work out. He walked away from what he thought was a bad deal, as great negotiating businessmen do and politicians in Washington don’t really understand still. … He walked away with a full deck because this man’s never in a rush to make a bad deal.”

Watch Conway’s interview below:

Republican National Committee spokesperson Elizabeth Harrington also defended the president on Monday, as she said Trump “could secure world peace and suddenly the Democrats would start calling for war.”

As IJR Red previously noted, Center for the National Interest Korean Studies Director Harry Kazianis praised the president’s “genius move” meeting with Kim: “… I think we’re a lot closer to a deal today than we’ve ever been.”

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Patriotic Legal Immigrant
Patriotic Legal Immigrant

Please…people….pray for Joe to see the light in a foreseeable future!

Patriotic Legal Immigrant
Patriotic Legal Immigrant

Not quite 101% sure here but something tells me that our previous president” acquisition of “that” previous Nobel piece prize, bringing down the ephemeral value of such… might just bring about a reluctance to accept such thing by President Trump!!

Joe Cucchiara
Joe Cucchiara

Of course Elizabeth Harrington would defend the president, that what she is supposed to do in her Position, Da !

michelle p

Trump has done more for world peace efforts (denuclearization of NK and Iran) than any other president and has come the closest to achieving some positive results. The dem candidates have no clue what negotiating is all about. Do any of the press ask them what they would do with NK and Iran to prevent nuke development? Nope! The MSM just wants to promote their anti-Trump agenda and shove it down the viewers throats!


I think the press is pissed because they didn’t get “notice” so they could prepare for a “full-press” affair. Hair and makeup MUST be done just right.

Vanity thy name is MSM, because the story is all about THEM, not the events.

Apparently spontaneous leadership does not grok for them.


ABSOLUTELY Trump should get the Nobel Peace Prize! Barry received one for being either half black or keeping the Oval Office clean for #45. Trump has done more good throughout the World in the last 10 minutes than anti-American Barry deliberately destroyed in eight years.





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