Conway Hits Back at Romney: ‘Ridiculous’ to Say the ‘Campaign That I Managed’ Welcomed Help from Russia

Counselor to the president Kellyanne Conway fired back at Senator Mitt Romney (R-Utah) for alleging President Donald Trump’s 2016 campaign “welcomed” assistance from Russia during an appearance on ABC’s “This Week” on Sunday.

When asked about Romney’s statement following Thursday’s release of the Mueller report, which IJR Blue noted was critical of the president, Conway immediately dismissed the senator’s suggestion.

“The campaign that I managed in those last few months did not welcome help from Russia,” she said. “In fact, I don’t recall getting, being offered help from Russia. It would be a ridiculous prospect.”

Conway was then pressed on President Trump’s joke welcoming Wikileaks’ release of emails hacked from the Democratic party but flipped the script to say it was the president who deserved an apology:

“I think the president deserves an apology from billions of people, including those who have an awful lot of power in this country in a particular political party, many in the media as well, who didn’t just say, ‘Let’s let the Mueller investigation go on and let’s see what the conclusion is,’ but day after day, graphic after graphic, chyron after chyron, panel after panel, story after story were leading the public to believe that there was collusion, that there was criminal conspiracy.”

The counselor to the president returned her aim to Romney, saying, “As for Mr. Romney, as a junior senator in Utah who certainly wanted to sit in the Oval Office, was told — was promised indeed — by his overpaid Romney consultants that he would be elected president.”

Watch her remarks below:

“I thought that Mr. Romney missed a great opportunity this weekend to say one very important thing, which is that he was right in 2012 when he said to the whole world in the debate against then-President Barack Obama that the biggest geopolitical foe was Russia.”

Conway then said Obama should have “listened to those words in 2014 when he had ample evidence that Russia was trying to interfere in our democracy and in our election.

“But instead, Senator Romney did what most people do,” she said. “They have to have Trump as the subject, the predicate and the adjective in every sentence. Whereas he should say, ‘Look the Mueller report exonerates me, Mitt Romney. I was right about Russia trying to sow discord.”

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