Kellyanne Conway Taunts CNN’s Brian Stelter in Hostile Interview: ‘Tell America’ Who Did You Vote For?

Things got heated Sunday morning on CNN as counselor to President Donald Trump, Kellyanne Conway, defended the president’s latest effort to attack the ongoing Russia investigation.

Conway appeared on CNN’s “Reliable Sources,” and host Brian Stelter asked the long-time Trump aide about the president’s tweets on Sunday calling for the Russia probe to end and arguing that the investigation has found no evidence of collusion. 

“Who’s telling him that? Who’s letting him inside the [special counsel Robert] Mueller investigation?” Stelter asked. 

“You know full well that if there was evidence of collusion, it would have leaked out by now,” Conway fired back. 

Watch the heated exchange below:

Stelter interjected that the Mueller team has not been leaking information to the press. He then doubled down on his questions, wondering where the president is getting his information that the Russia probe has found zero evidence of collusion. 

“Brian, respectfully if you can walk and chew gum and whistle at the same time, then start covering this man’s accomplishments,” Conway said, pivoting away from the ongoing probe.

Stelter argued that all CNN viewers are aware of Trump’s accomplishments, a comment Conway did not agree with. 

“No, no — But you don’t want to tell Americans the truth of his accomplishments. If they watch CNN, they don’t know that the unemployment rate is under four percent. They don’t know growth is close to four percent,” she added.

Stelter and Conway then clashed over whether or not Russia played a role in the 2016 election, with the White House aide arguing that CNN is trying to make America think Trump didn’t win the election fairly and squarely. 

Ultimately, Conway suggested Stelter had a left-leaning bias, even demanding to know who he and his family voted for:

CONWAY: “Tell America: Did you vote for [democratic candidate] Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump? How did your wife vote? Tell America.”
STELTER: “I did not vote for president. I left that spot blank on the ballot that day. But it’s not appropriate for you to go around asking people who they voted for.”
CONWAY: “You probably didn’t think she needed your help. Oh, it’s all appropriate to ask me things, but not other people.”
STELTER: “Yeah, we asked you to come on the program because you’re a representative of the president, yes.”

Conway then called out the CNN host for trying to “get” the president and not just the story. “If you think your job is to get the president and not get the story, you oughta just own it. Just say it, because I know your viewers expect that now.”

“The goal is not to get the president. The goal is to get the truth,” Stelter replied. 

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