Conway Slams Complaint as ‘More Blowhard Than Whistleblower,’ Explains What’s ‘Not’ in the Transcript

Counselor to the president Kellyanne Conway is blasting the complaint by a whistleblower as “more blowhard than whistleblower” in regards to the president.

The heat was turned up on impeachment as House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) fired off a formal impeachment inquiry into President Donald Trump earlier this week.

Pelosi did so following escalated pressure after a whistleblower complaint suggested Trump told the Ukrainian president during a phone call on July 25 to dig up information on political rival Joe Biden (D) and allegedly withheld aid from Ukrainian. The call’s transcript, however, was released the next day, and the whistleblower’s complaint was made public on Thursday.

Hearings before the House Intelligence Committee and the Senate Intelligence Committee were held on Thursday with acting Director of National Intelligence Joseph Maguire — as well as Intelligence Community Inspector General Michael Atkinson for the closed-door Senate hearing — regarding the complaint.

During Thursday evenings interview with Fox News, Conway was asked if she considers the whistleblower to be a spy within the White House, in which Conway pushed back when she noted that the whistleblower had second-hand information and doesn’t consider him or her to be a spy.

“This whistle-blower complaint is really more blowhard than whistleblower in my view,” Conway said, adding, “Because it was referred to the OLC [Office of Legal Counsel] which said this is a routine diplomatic phone call between President Trump and the Ukrainian president, it was not an intelligence activity.”

The president’s advisor went on to share “what’s not in that transcript”:

“No mention of the 2020 presidential race. No mention of aid to Ukraine. No mention of Joe Biden as somewhere a political opponent. Give me a break. We don’t need Ukraine to help beat Joe Biden or any of the rest of them — anymore than we need Russia to beat Hillary Clinton. These candidates are a disaster on their own. They self immolate. But I saw people lying today, including Intel Chairman Adam Schiff, began with this contrived fantasy conversation that he imagined between President Trump [and the Ukrainian president].”

Conway later knocked 2020 Democratic presidential hopeful Biden as “so out of touch” and called his policies “so out of the mainstream.” She added that Trump “never once says, ‘Help me with Joe Biden because I’m worried about running against him for president.'”

Watch Conway’s interview below:

“Just because you don’t like the president, you didn’t vote for him, you have no idea how to beat him next time, that’s not high crimes and misdemeanors. That’s just hate and that’s just a lack of political savvy and this country deserves a fully functioning democracy.”

As IJR previously reported, Pelosi claimed on Thursday that the current impeachment inquiry has “nothing to do” with personal politics.

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General Confusion

“this is a routine diplomatic phone call between President Trump and the Ukrainian president, it was not an intelligence activity.” Conway

I am confused, Kellyanne.

If this communication was “routine”, as you say, why did the WH feel that they had to hide it on a password secured “top secret” network? THAT is not routine. It is unprecedented!

Not only did they hide this communication there, but they have hidden other non-top secret documents there, too.

Come on, media! Do your job!





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