Conway Declares Trump ‘Didn’t Cave’ After POTUS Seeks Another Route on Citizenship Information

Counselor to the president Kellyanne Conway is coming to President Donald Trump’s defense on his move regarding the citizenship question and the 2020 census.

After pushing to get a question on citizenship onto the 2020 census, the president announced on Thursday that he would not make an executive order. Instead, he requested information on the number of citizens and non-citizens from every government agency to be sent to the Department of Commerce, as IJR News reported. The Supreme Court blocked Trump’s initial request at the end of June.

“We are not backing down on our effort to determine the citizenship status of the United States population,” the president said.

Conway told Fox Business’ Maria Bartiromo on Friday that Trump “didn’t cave” on adding the citizenship question, but “he’s finding other means to gather the information seeing that it was tied up in meritless litigation.”

“This information is important for any number of public policy issues,” Conway said, adding, “I take objection to those who are screaming as they usually do that you are deterring people from being in the census, from complying in the census.”

The counselor to the president continued to knock those who are “[playing] lawyers and constitutional experts on T.V.” and aren’t “closely” reading Chief Justice Roberts’ opinion from the Supreme Court:

“He didn’t raise a legal and constitutional impediment to this exercise, this inclusion of the question. He just didn’t like the rational. And basically was leaving an opening and the Department of Justice was just trying to walk through that. But time is of the essence and there are different ways to gather this information and this administration will.”

Watch Conway’s interview below:

Several 2020 Democratic presidential candidates were quick to blast the president over the citizenship question, including Sen. Cory Booker (D-N.J.), who called it a “clear defeat” for Trump.

“This is yet another one of his boasting and braggadociousness and now he’s failed and trying to make the best of it,” Booker said.

Mayor of South Bend, Ind., Pete Buttigieg said Trump’s “tinkering with the census was clearly racially and politically motivated.” He added that it was “good news” the president was apparently “backing down.”

“Wow, he’s going to follow the law?” Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) responded to Trump’s move, suggesting that it’s “just about trying to stir up more hate.”

On the other hand, Sen. John Barrasso (R-Wyo.) declared that he is “supportive of having the citizenship question on the census.”

Additionally, Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) previously said it was “common sense” to add the question and Rep. Jim Jordan (R-Ohio) backed the president on it.

When it comes to the American people, a Harvard CAPS/Harris poll, released on July 2, 67% of Americans believe that the citizenship question should be asked on the 2020 census.

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Screwtape Up votes on all of your wise and common sense comments. Perhaps someday IJR will get it working. Like you I find the constant rally cry by the Democrats of racist to be so tiresome. But when it’s all your feeble little mind can come up with…..happily I’m one of your “ normals”. But I must repeat, how many do these three think that they’re going to turn with their so called facts and obvious fictions?

General Confusion

Information from the 1940 Census was secretly used in one of the worst violations of constitutional rights in U.S. history: the internment of Japanese Americans during World War II.

In papers presented in 2000 and 2007, historian Margo J. Anderson of the University of Wisconsin at Milwaukee and statistician William Seltzer of Fordham University found evidence that census officials cooperated with the government, providing data to target Japanese Americans.

There is no confusion as to what this administration wants to do with the citizen question.

Phyllis Softa

For those of you that believe Kelleyann, please respond to the question when you receive your 2020 census form.


I see POTUS’s biggest apologist/propagandist is busy spinning.



Accusations of racism, -phobia, etc. have been so overused that they’ve lost any real meaning except to the Left. They no longer work on “normals”.

What’s most amusing is that the Dims now have a circular firing squad where accusations of politically-incorrect behavior are now weaponized against THEM (rightly so).

q.v. AOC’s accusations against Nancy when she herself supports anti-Semitism and has a Nazi sympathizer as Chief of Staff.

q.q.v. Kamallama pillorying Gropin’ Joe for supporting busing when she herself does.


Here’s some news for those who opposed the question on the census. Harvard, yes that one, did a survey and found 67% of voters wanted it included. This included 55% of Hispanics.

Of course this now moot with Trump’s workaround.


I love how The Butt et al instantly scream “Racist! Hate!” without explaining HOW or WHY. It’s a knee-jerk response the Dims use anytime things don’t go their way. It also induces a gag-reflex in those who hear it.

I’d like a single one of them to explain how a sovereign government taking an ACCURATE measure of the population is (pick one).

Considering the accusations against him it’s ironic that The Butt uses it.


Trump did not cave. He found a workaround.

Using EXISTING government date will arguably provide better data than a census question. There’s this thing called lying.





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