Conway Explains How Trump Won Without Russia’s Help: ‘We Didn’t Need Wikileaks. We Had Wisconsin’

Counselor to the president Kellyanne Conway explained how President Donald Trump won the 2016 presidential election without the help of Russia during an appearance on Sunday’s “This Week” with ABC.

Reacting to the Mueller report’s revelation that the Russian government attempted to meddle in the election to the benefit of President Trump, Conway made it clear that the campaign didn’t need the assistance because they had the “better candidate.”

“I think they tried to sow disinformation and discord in our democracy, and we should never allow that from any foreign government,” she said. “They were also unsuccessful.”

Then she broke it down:

“Donald Trump won. We didn’t need Wikileaks. We had Wisconsin. He won because he was the better candidate with the better message. And we had a fraction of the personnel; we had a fraction of the resources, and we were very smart about deploying our two greatest assets: Donald Trump and Mike Pence.”

Conway then turned the tables on Democrats, pointing out that congressional lawmakers tried to get former President Barack Obama’s administration to take the warning about Russian election interference more seriously.

Watch her comments below:

The counselor to the president’s explanation comes after Mueller’s over 400-page report on his investigation into alleged collusion between President Trump’s campaign and Russia was released to the public on Thursday.

In it, he makes it clear that no American tried to collude, despite attempts from Russia to influence the outcome of the election. Attorney General William Barr later decided not to pursue obstruction of justice after Mueller’s report failed to recommend charges but also did not exonerate the president.

“They declined to indict,” Conway said of obstruction of justice. “The president is not going to jail. He’s staying in the White House for five and a half more years.”

Watch her comments below:

The Obama administration has come under fire from conservatives for its lack of action after receiving word that Russia was interfering in the election, as IJR Red noted.

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Pat Warnock

Hats off to Wisconsin – the state that recognises Democrats look down on those who work with their hands


The divisiveness in our country is squarely on the shoulders of the media and the Democrats who refuse to work with the candidate who won and continue to try and push that agenda on the American people. That’s not going to bring them victory in 2020. Bring us something other than hate to vote on or you’ll lose.





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