Prosecutor in Foxx’s Office Calls Her Out for Making Backlash Over Handling of Smollett Case About Race

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An anonymous assistant state attorney for Cook County, Illinois, unloaded on Cook County State Attorney Kim Foxx for her handling of the high-profile Jussie Smollett case and said that the State Attorney’s Office (SAO) has become “an international laughingstock” because of it, the National Review reported Monday.

In a letter first published by CWB Chicago, the anonymous attorney went after Foxx for dropping the 16 felony counts against Smollett and torched her for “seemingly calling the critique of the SAO’s handling of the Smollett case racially-based and derogatory toward.”

From the letter:

“In the wake of said criticism, Ms. Foxx speaks at a Rainbow PUSH coalition meeting and states she cannot run an office ‘driven by anger and public sentiment.’ She says ‘the goal posts change’ when an African-American takes the position of head prosecutor, seemingly calling the critique of the SAO’s handling of the Smollett case racially-based and derogatory toward her people.”

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The letter continued on, saying that “[w]hen you demean law enforcement like that you not only strip them of their dignity, you also contribute to the violence in the city” and added that calling officers of the law “racist is not only offensive” but also “morally unconscionable.”

The prosecutor then blasted Foxx by saying that blaming the Smollett “fallout on race” was “ignorant and self-serving.”

“Just to be clear – this is not an attack on Ms. Foxx’s race, it is an attack on her ethics and her efficacy as State’s Attorney,” the author clarified at the end of the letter.

Foxx claimed on Saturday that the criticism coming her way after dropping Smollett’s charges was “personal.” The police chief’s association and Chicago Fraternal Order of Police both called for Foxx’s resignation last week after holding no-confidence votes.

Foxx — who took office in 2016 — said that she was “committed to serving [her] term.”

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