‘It’s Very Demoralizing’: South Bend Cop Calls out Buttigieg for Politicizing an Officer-Involved Shooting

Pete Buttigieg
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South Bend Mayor Pete Buttigieg (D-Ind.) is facing backlash from his police force for his handling of a recent officer-involved shooting.

As IJR previously reported, Buttigieg was blasted by the South Bend, Ind., police union because they believe he has been using this shooting for “political gain.”

Buttigieg has been running for president in addition to his mayoral duties. The shooting involved a white cop and a black man, Eric Logan, who eventually died from his wounds. Officer Ryan O’Neill claimed that he fired his weapon in self-defense, claiming that Logan had a knife and tried to attack the officer.

South Bend has been divided since the shooting, with some saying it was racially motivated and others claiming it was justified because the officer was acting in self-defense.

Since the shooting, Buttigieg has been making many statements about racism in policing. This has offended many of the police officers in South Bend, who believe O’Neill did nothing wrong.

Harvey Mills, the president of South Bend’s Fraternal Order of Police, told Fox News host Tucker Carlson that the shooting was “absolutely not” racially motivated, as Buttigieg seems to be claiming.

Watch Mills’ comments on Buttigieg:

“This incident is nothing to do with race. This incident is about an officer that was forced to defend himself against a dangerous felon who used an eight-inch hunting knife to attack him. That’s all this incident is about. It has nothing to do with skin color.”

Mills took offense to Buttigieg’s use of the phrase “systemic racism,” a talking point the mayor has been using when discussing officer-involved shootings in America.

“It’s very demoralizing,” Mills said, adding, “He used the term systemic racism. Apparently, maybe he doesn’t understand the definition of systemic. We do. And that means all. He’s basically called all police officers racist and that is blatantly untrue.”

Mills called on Buttigieg to recuse himself from the internal investigation of the shooting, claiming he cannot be unbiased.

“He has used this incident to further his political campaign and he cannot be unbiased about this,” said Mills.

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I grew up thirty-five miles from South Bend and went there to shop with my mother often. This is not the average Midwest attitude. B is looking to make election points with the deceased racial group.

Patti Harrison

A small town mayor thinks that he can become the President, calling ALL Police Officers racist, hmm, don’t think so Mayor!


Buttgig has an impressive resumé in some regards, on paper anyway, but his record of real accomlishnents
is weak and lower than the lowest limbo pole.
‘His’ city is better off without him and he can ‘south’ Bend any whichaway because his odds of becoming POTUS are about as good as my flying to Uranus in a Cessna and establishing a gold-mining colony using
locally aquired slaves.

william jackson

Another D-RAT clown

Dave Hardesty

What do I think. I think that when ole Pete wanted police security I would show up and if he was attacked I’d do nothing. When they asked why I’d tell them I didn’t want to be accused of being a racist.


It is no wonder that the new recruits for policemen has been dialed down. Who would want a dangerous occupation and then have someone like Buttigieg criticizing them for doing their job. Didn’t think he was so bad until this latest gaffe.

Tom Bodine

Alfred E. Buttplug is real presidential material isn’t he ?


This is leadership,…. Not!





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