Corey Lewandowski Tells Fox News John Kelly’s Job Could Be in Jeopardy

This is what passes for irony in the era of Donald Trump.

Back when he was managing Trump’s presidential campaign, Corey Lewandowski was charged with misdemeanor battery after he yanked the arm of a female reporter hard enough to leave bruises. Lewandowski denied the accusation at first, until video emerged showing him pulling Michelle Fields, then writing for Breitbart, to get her away from Trump.

Police charged Lewandowski with misdemeanor battery, but the charge was later dismissed.

So it may have set your head spinning if you turned on Fox News on Friday morning and heard Lewandowski harshly criticizing White House chief of staff John Kelly for employing Rob Porter, despite knowing Porter had been accused of physically abusing both of his ex-wives:

“I think the president is the only person who is going to make the decision, if John Kelly should stay on the job. Look, the general is there to put in policies and processes and procedures. And in this case, those didn’t work, and we need to find out why. And so, where the buck stops I get at the end of the day is with the general.”

Trump had defended Lewandowski after the Fields incident, saying he did not “discard people,” and he hated to see his life “destroyed” over the incident. Lewandowski hung on as campaign manager for another three months.

So here is a former employee the president defended after he was caught physically abusing a woman, tearing into a current employee of the president for … defending another employee who was accused of physically abusing two women.


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