Lewandowski Argues There’s ‘No Way’ That ‘Spying’ on Trump Campaign ‘Was Not Vetted at the Highest Levels’

President Donald Trump’s former campaign manager Corey Lewandowski said during a Thursday appearance on “Fox & Friends” that the president “absolutely thinks” former President Barack Obama’s administration was “spying” on his campaign and argued that there was “no way” that the “spying” was not “vetted” by the top administration officials at the time.

While discussing Attorney General William Barr’s comment from his Wednesday Senate testimony — where he said he believed that “spying did occur” against the Trump presidential campaign — Lewandowski expressed his belief that “there was spying taking place” and that the “spying” occurred because the previous administration “didn’t like” the Trump campaign’s politics.

“You remember the mainstream media went apoplectic about this ‘Donald Trump is making these gross accusations with no foundation whatsoever.’ Well, fast forward to where we are now.

Two years later, we know that there was spying taking place. We know that they did it in violation of the Constitution. Even if they applied for a FISA warrant to spy on Americans, they did so because they did not like our politics.”

REUTERS/Jonathan Ernst

He continued on in the interview to say that the president “absolutely thinks that this went directly to the top of the previous administration” and claimed that “somebody sanctioned this.”

“There is no way an opportunity like this to spy on a political opponent was not vetted at the highest levels of the government. Whether it was Susan Rice or the Deputy National Security Advisor Ben Rhodes or Barack Obama himself; somebody sanctioned this.”

Watch the video here:

“We’re American citizens. We fought for what we believed in,” Lewandowski added. “If the criteria is ‘we don’t like your politics, we can spy on you,’ guess what? The Democrats better be very concerned.”

Lewandowski’s comments came the day after Barr testified before the Senate Appropriations Committee on Capitol Hill where he said that he believed “spying did occur” against the Trump campaign during the 2016 election cycle.

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Phyllis Softa

Corey’s F&F interview was fun to watch. His extensive legal training and national security experience would make him the perfect spokesman for what occurred.


What also makes this believable is the weaponization of the IRS. q.v. Lois Lerner.

Phyllis Softa

The IRS “conspiracy” was always interesting. The only entities that were denied tax exempt status were 3 Occupation Wall Street groups yet it was the Tea Party that was upset that the IRS would review their applications for meeting the non-political requirement.


What makes this believable is the Obozo’s use of the DoJ and FBI to harass, persecute and spy on journalists and the free press. q.v. James Rosen, Sharyl Atkisson, the Associated Press.

Ironically, the MSM, which spasms every time Trump calls them names, gave the Lightbringer a pass on all this.

Phyllis Softa

Atkisson allegations against the Obama DOJ were dismissed by 2 courts for lack of facts to substantiate her claims. Conspiracies work very well in conservative media, but in reality of the legal world, the “I must be a victim as I am a Republican” requires factual evidence to back it up.

Mark Simmons

There is no question the Obama Administration used the FBI and IC to spy on the Trump Campaign. We have the names of many of these spies and evidence of what they did. We also have explicit evidence that Obama himself (the POTUS) insisted on knowing everything starting at the very beginning of the operation.


Lewandowski is probably correct.

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