Corker: Any Republican Senator Who Isn’t ‘Conflicted’ by Trump Is Either ‘Comatose’ or Blind

Sen. Bob Corker (R-Tenn.) on Wednesday spoke about his relationship with President Donald Trump, emphasizing the conflicts every Republican senator faces under the current administration and weighing in on his retirement from Congress.

While attending a Christian Science Monitor breakfast, reporters asked Corker whether he plans to vote for Trump in 2020. And the Tennessee senator didn’t seem too enthused about the prospect.

“Responding to conjecture is bad for your health,” Corker said. “Look, any Republican senator that hasn’t been conflicted over this presidency is either comatose or is pretty useless in their blindness, okay? And we’ve got some of both, of course. Not many.”

Watch Corker’s talk about his relationship with Trump below:

Corker went on to talk about the environment of government under the Trump White House, stressing the tension between the support congressional Republicans receive from the president and the chaos that exists within the Oval Office.

“We have a president who will sign legislation that we pass on the Republican side, and then we have chaotic things that occur on a daily basis,” he explained.

Corker expressed his frustration about Trump’s inconsistency on policy issues, explaining that his positions often change day by day, making his assurances and support unreliable.

But he didn’t only have negative things to say about the president. Despite being critical of Trump in the past, Corker said he currently enjoys a “warm relationship” with the president and praised Trump for his accessibility and availability to talk with members of Congress every day.

Last September, Corker announced he wouldn’t seek re-election after serving two terms in the Senate, a decision he says was prompted by feeling “drawn to the citizen legislator model.”

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