Cory Booker Raises $800,000, Keeps Campaign Alive After the Debate

Sen. Cory Booker (D-Nj.) has raised $800,000 since Wednesday’s debate, a desperately needed fundraising haul that will keep his campaign alive.

Booker’s team announced the money in an email blast to supporters on Friday. The press release said Wednesday and Thursday were the two best fundraising days of Booker’s entire campaign.

“Cory differentiated himself on the debate stage by drawing from his lived experience and showing that he not only has the policy agenda to lift struggling families, but the temperament and leadership style needed to unite the party to defeat Donald Trump,” his campaign manager Addisu Demissie said. “It’s clear that voters liked what they heard, and want to keep him on the December debate stage so they can hear more about how Cory will heal our country and deliver real justice and opportunity for everyone.”

The uptick in donations came after Booker made a plea to viewers towards the end of the Democratic debate on Wednesday night. In his closing statement, he told the audience that he needed cash.

“I have not yet qualified for the December stage, I need your help to do that,” he said. “If you believe in my voice and that I should be up here, please go to, please help.”

The response was swift. Donors made Wednesday his best fundraising day of all-time, and he hit the required donation mark for December’s debate. He still needs a bump in the polls, though, if he wants to get on stage with other top Democrats.

Along with the influx of cash, Booker also received some positive reviews for his inspirational, moderate pitch during the debate. The Atlantic followed Wednesday night with this question in a headline: “Why Hasn’t Cory Booker’s Campaign Caught Fire? On paper, he’s exactly what many Democratic voters say they want.” Jordan Weissmann from Slate pleaded with voters: “Dear Moderates: Please Give Cory Booker a Chance.” Vox even declared him one of the winners of the debate.

All this has left the campaign feeling a new dose of optimism. National Press Secretary Sabrina Singh summed up that optimism in an interview with CBS, in which she insisted Booker had a path forward with undecided voters.

“The top tier that we’re focusing on right now — we’re seeing that the African-American voters, there’s still a lot of undecideds within the community and so we believe that Cory has a real path to victory through those voters,” Singh said to CBS.

If Booker is going to convert any new supporters, it better happen soon. He has less than a month until the next debate, which is December 22.


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    I applaud this because there’s only so much money to go around and the more candidates gutting each other in the debates the better.

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