Booker Launches ‘Justice’ Tour, Aiming for Surge in US Presidential Bid

U.S. Senator Cory Booker will launch a two-week national tour on Saturday with a rally in his adopted hometown of Newark, New Jersey, aiming to put momentum behind a presidential campaign stuck in the middle of a growing pack of Democratic candidates.

The “Justice for All” trip, which includes visits to the early voting states of Iowa and Nevada, will center on economic policies, including Booker’s proposed “baby bonds” that would give every child a government-run savings account at birth.

During the first few months of the year, Booker has focused his campaign on his own personal story – including his seven-year stint as mayor of Newark – and his message of unity and love as an antidote to extreme partisanship.

But Booker has yet to see his campaign have the same sort of bounce that rivals like Pete Buttigieg, the mayor of South Bend, Indiana, and California Senator Kamala Harris have enjoyed thus far.

Public polling has him somewhere around seventh among more than a dozen candidates, while his fundraising total of $5 million for the first quarter of the year lags well behind fellow senators Bernie Sanders and Harris.

Booker’s campaign aides on Thursday dismissed concerns about polls at this early stage, noting that the Iowa nominating contest is still nearly 10 months away. They emphasized the workmanlike campaign they have run thus far, holding dozens of events in key early-voting states and building what they said was a state-by-state staff that rivals any campaign.

“You’ve got to organize and got to get hot at the end,” Booker’s campaign manager, Addisu Demissie, told reporters. “We’re not building this campaign to win polls in April 2019. This is a long race and there are going to be a lot of ups and downs.”

In recent campaign appearances, Booker has touted his $60 billion baby bonds proposal, which he says would essentially close the massive wealth gap between white and black families.

Under the plan, the government would deliver a $1,000 savings account for every child born in the United States and would contribute funds each year based on income levels, with poor families receiving more and well-off families receiving nothing.

To fund the program, Booker proposes raising taxes on the wealthy. Children at the lowest end of the scale would have nearly $50,000 by age 18 to invest in things like education, houses, retirement or entrepreneurship, according to the senator.

(Reporting by Joseph Ax in New York; Editing by Frank McGurty and Bill Berkrot)


  1. What I wonder is this: if elected officials like pinche pendejo(?) Schmucktacus are busy running for the nomination HOW are they serving their electorate? (their own egos and thirst for power don’t count)

    What, exactly, are they doing for those they *ahem* represent?

    It’s too bad only certain states have laws requiring those in office to surrender that office if they decide to run for another. That is only fair to the people who elected them.

    T-bone would surely agree.

  2. Appears the Socialists – like Booker – are already spending taxpayer money they don’t have a law to support. There will be “Ups and Downs” and people like Booker, Buttigieg, Yang, Gillibrand, Bozo O’Rourke, Klobuchar and a dozen or so others will be O U T standing in line for a job at McDonalds – – – IF they qualify..

    1. I’m waiting for the slow bleedout of the absolute failures, i.e those with zero name recognition or funding. Then comes the main act, the knife dance of those who DO make it to the DNC stage.

      As I”ve said before, I’m stocking adult beverages and snacks for that Game of Thrones.

      1. How many do you predict will make it to the DNC debate stage – 3, 4, maybe 5? All of the Dimwit Party candidates are extremely lacking in anything remotely positive which would be of benefit to the United States. Yes, they all want POWER and CONTROL to ruin this Nation which would take place if any one of them were – unfortunately – elected. I may start consuming the suds just to enjoy a good laugh as Trump is elected to a second term.

        1. I’m all for repealing the 22nd Amendment so Trump can continue on after the end of his second term.

          [Wasn’t it AOC who brilliantly stated the 22nd Amendment was written to keep FDR from running for reelection? Dahhh. The 22nd was written AFTER FDR passed away in 1945. LOL]

          1. I’m of the opinion that out of the mouths of babes or idiots some truth may emanate.

            She’s like Phyllis. Unfocused, meandering, and so wrong in so many ways.

            What they have in common is obsession. For AOC it’s socialism and the GND. For Phil it’s TDS and a perpetually hurt butt over 2016.

          2. The Leftists won’t get over their hurt butt until long after Trump leaves office. Maybe at that time they will dig up a candidate who can beat a deceased GOP candidate. As much as I strain to look, I don’t see they have anyone yet born to qualify for the job.

          3. The Jackasses have long memories and will continue to bring him up forever.

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