Green New Deal and Medicare for All Supporter Cory Booker Says He Hates the Word ‘Realistically’

Cory Booker
Stephen Lam/Reuters

Senator Cory Booker (D-N.J.) told the Washington Examiner that he plans to change “the realm of what’s possible” during his 2020 presidential bid.

And given the policies he’s supporting, he may need that change.

Booker is one of 24 Democrats running in the presidential primary in hopes to become the nominee to take on President Donald Trump in his reelection bid.

The senator has joined the majority of the field in supporting far-left policies like Medicare for All. He is even a co-sponsor for Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s Green New Deal.

Over one decade, Medicare for All and the Green New Deal have sticker prices of $32 trillion and $93 trillion, respectively. For comparison’s sake, the total GDP for the United States in 2018 was just over $20 trillion, meaning the first year of the Green New Deal would cost nearly half of the nation’s GDP.

Numbers like these have prompted Democratic frontrunner Joe Biden to call for more “pragmatic” policy plans — even if he faces criticisms from the more liberal members of his party.  He claimed that those backing Medicare for All “mean well” but won’t actually find legislative success. The former vice president also bashed the Green New Deal, instead claiming that his plan is “most far-reaching plan that’s really in reach.”

Biden’s calls for pragmatism seemed to have rubbed Booker the wrong way, according to the report from the Examiner.

After the senator was asked how he “realistically” could unite the country, Booker told the crowd that he hates the word “realistically”:

“There’s one word I can’t stand: it’s ‘realistically.’ And the reason why I can’t stand is because I was the mayor of a city that had decades of crime and corruption as its reputation. […] My whole career has been about not accepting people thinking what’s in the realm of possible. I want to challenge folks because I know American history like you know American history. American history actually is a perpetual testimony to the achievement of the impossible. We brought major majorities together, new American majorities, not just Democrats, but Democrats who would work with Republicans, who would work with independents to do things that defied the realm of possibility. This summer we’re celebrating the 50th anniversary of putting someone on the moon. If I am your president, I promise you we will defy gravity again.”

While Booker clearly sees these policies as his moonshot, landing on the moon still required a plan and, so far, the payment for the Green New Deal has not been outlined.

Despite the fact that the Green new deal is unaffordable, Booker told the Examiner that he wants Americans to imagine a future where those policies are a reality.

“I’m also somebody that says we need to expand the moral imagination in this country of what’s possible,” said Booker.

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Patti Harrison

Well, realistically, don’t think that you will become our next president! You wil bankrupt us first year in office!!!


This realistic person is a waste of space – if he hates the world so much, won’t stop him from leaving it since he probably has “alien” buddies………like E.T.



Glenn Botts

That’s because there isn’t a single idea from him or any of the other demonRATs that’s remotely realistic or good!




Actually there are 2 elements to the “realistic” that he so disparages. First, you have to be able to get something passed – and people are not so stupid as Mr Booker seems to hope they are. Second, you have to have, as a comment below stated, a plan that stands even a remote chance of being doable, structurally and financially. Yes, dream it impossible dream. Tilt at the windmills. I’m all for it and have tilted at a few. Several of the tech billionaires followed their dreams and it changed the world (some good, some bad). And Mr Booker… Read more »

Tom Bodine

This clown lives in a alternative universe along with the other 22.

Bonnie Cripe
Bonnie Cripe

Oh Mt. Booker Do you really want to leave this to man’s moral imagination? Have you read the Bible or any of the great books by well known authors lately. Man’s imagination can get very rotten to say the least. America is in trouble not only financially but also mortally. And you want to spend all that money on nature and health care for people who don’t care for themselves. Are you blind or did you just fall world history? Do you recall all of the great countries that tried these things and fell? The main reason socialism won’t and… Read more »

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