Booker Claims Trump Acts ‘More Like a Dictator or a Thug’ Than the ‘Leader of the Free World’

Rebecca Cook/File Photo/Reuters

Senator Cory Booker (D-N.J.) claimed that President Donald Trump acts “more like a dictator or a thug” than the head of the “free world.”

During an interview on CNN’s “State of the Union,” Booker — one of the 19 Democrats running for the Democratic Party’s nomination for president — was asked by host Jake Tapper what “high crimes and misdemeanors” the president has committed to warrant an impeachment inquiry.

Booker said that the definition of high crimes and misdemeanors has been seen “in a broader sense” from “the Federalist Papers to even past impeachments” and that he believes that high crimes and misdemeanors amounts to “fundamentally, have they betrayed their office.

“I think we see a president right now — which implicated in that transcript and the whistleblower report — is someone who was, frankly, pursuing their own interests above our national security interests,” continued Booker.

The New Jersey Democrat went on to say that the president’s withholding of aid to Ukraine to “pursue his petty political aspirations” was “absolutely unacceptable” and an “impeachable offense” if it were true.

He then claimed that Trump acted “more like a dictator or a thug” than the “leader of the free world.”

Watch the video here:

“History will look back on what we do when a president was willing to trash the Constitution, act less like a leader of the free world and more like a dictator or a thug in using American power to pursue his own personal gain.”

Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) announced an impeachment inquiry into Trump last week regarding the controversial July phone call between the U.S. president and Ukranian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy.

As IJR previously reported, several prominent House Republicans blasted Pelosi for the move, with House Judiciary Ranking Member Doug Collins (R-Ga.) blasting the House Democrats as being “so bent at getting at this president.”

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Michael Steele

He would know about thugs…


First of all, booger is a member of the demonrat/communist party that is attempting a coup. Secondly, he and his party are the party of hate, lies, fake news, racism, class warfare, kkk, slavery, infanticide, violence, criminals and he wants to dictate to us how we should live. He and his party want total control over everything and everybody and will stop at nothing to get it including using children, whom they have brainwashed. They have NO moral values or ethics and will always be the elitists in our society. In actuality they are the animals who prey on the… Read more »

General Confusion

I am confused, Bonnie Keever… by your lack of punctuation.

“Trump is not in anyway shape or form a Dictator”

Not yet, today, but give King Donald The Loser a second term and see how close this fascist gets to being one. Keep your copy of the Constitution close at hand.

General Confusion

I see that you are still confused even after all of the refuting of your nonsense, yesterday.

It must be so sad and burdensome being this confused all of the time, Confused James.



Sounds more like blackmail/extortion by Biden – – "Get off my son's back or else."

Tom Bodine

Polling at 2% and still has diarrhea of the mouth


More lies by Booker. No surprise. Democrats lie, it’s all they have.

Bonnie Keever

Really Trump not trying to turn everyone into a vegans or dictate what you are going to drive or what doctor you are going to see Trump is not in anyway shape or form a Dictator calling the kettle back are you Booker you will never be president that is all what the Democrats want is all the power take all guns away so people can’t fight back dictate how you will live





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