Crenshaw Lays out 5 ‘Cultural Narratives’ in Creating a ‘Sustainable Society’: We Must Value the Miracle of America

Rep. Dan Crenshaw (R-Texas) took to Twitter on Saturday to share a video of him listing out what he believes to be the five “cultural narratives” in creating a “sustainable society.”

“We live in the greatest era in human history,” Crenshaw tweeted along with the video of his speech. “Do we ever stop and ask why that might be?”

During the Republican lawmaker’s speech, he touched on three topics: socialism, Congress, and the miracle of America.

“I think being a conservative is about gratitude, more than anything else,” Crenshaw told the audience. “It’s about gratitude for everything that got us here. It’s about the cultural narrative and principles that led to the constitutional principles that even created this miracle that we live in.”

Watch a portion of the video below:

Crenshaw dived into the five cultural narratives that create a sustainable society.

First, Crenshaw noted that personal responsibility is essential because “if you don’t have it, you’re not empowered. And if you’re disempowered, well, then you’re depressed and you’re not contributing.”

“And if you’re not personally responsible, then by definition, you believe others should be responsible for you, and therefore you have to infringe on their freedoms, or you have to ask someone else to infringe on their freedoms, meaning the government.”

He continued to say that if one’s entire faith is put into the government, then it leads to problems not being solved “because we asked the government to do it. We asked an impossible job.”

“We forgot about the fact that we own our own destiny,” he said, adding that society won’t survive if they don’t believe they’re in charge of their destiny.

Secondly, Crenshaw said basic mental toughness and discipline causes a person to compete in a free society.

“If you don’t start to value mental toughness, then, again, our society starts to decay,” he said.

The third point mentioned is the matter of “loyalty to our country,” along with valuing the “sovereignty of the country.”

“A sense of duty to your country, and a sense that the things that bring us together, they’re not many of them. It’s not skin color, it’s not religion, it’s not heritage, everybody can become an American, that’s what’s really cool about America. But there are certain things that bring us together, whether it’s the Pledge of Allegiance or the National Anthem, or the flag, or our history, or our founding documents, those bring us together.”

He also knocked the idea of open borders, saying if loyalty to the country isn’t valued, then “it’s actually not surprising that you might be for open borders.”

Fourth, Crenshaw noted that the origin of virtue “comes from God, it has to, because if it doesn’t, if morality just comes from yourself, then it’s just an opinion.”

“And if morality is an opinion, then it can be changed at any moment. And if it can be changed at any moment, then you do get secular socialist societies. […] That’s secularism, that’s what happens when humans decide that they know morality better than God, and they place that morality in government.”

The last point highlighted by the Republican lawmaker was liberty, in which he noted, “you can’t have liberty without all of those things I just mentioned.”

He added that “liberty isn’t exactly freedom,” but it’s “freedom within a set of rules and you can’t be free people without moral virtue.”

“[…] That’s why we write in God we trust on our coins, and on the House floor. That’s why personal responsibility is so important because that leads to liberty.”

Watch his full remarks below:

Crenshaw concluded by making clear that all of our founding documents have “led to the miracle we have today” in America, “and we can’t let that go. We must be grateful for it.”

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What a great speech! Personal responsibility- imagine that! Morality- imagine that!

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