Crenshaw Leads Bipartisan Effort to Get DHS Approval for a Process to Allow Donations to Migrants

Dan Crenshaw/Facebook

Rep. Dan Crenshaw (R-Texas) is leading a bipartisan pack of lawmakers in questioning the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) on why U.S. Customs and Borders Patrol (CBP) is prohibited from accepting private donations.

Penning a letter to acting Secretary of Homeland Security Kevin McAleenan on Tuesday, Crenshaw was joined by 16 other Republican and Democratic colleagues in questioning why CBP migrant processing centers aren’t allowed to accept donations from private citizens, nonprofits, and businesses.

While laying out numerous questions to seek clarification on the prohibition, the letter cites a possible exemption to the Antideficiency Act and reads:

“Given the dramatic increase in apprehensions at the border and the corresponding strain at processing centers, it seems the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and CBP may be able to accept voluntary services intended to provide for migrant children.”

“Congress must work together for a long-term solution, but in the interim, we can work in a bipartisan fashion to find ways to provide relief for migrants and CBP,” Crenshaw said in a statement. “America is a generous country and we should be able to continue that tradition, especially when the circumstances welcome it.”

Crenshaw also told Fox News that, in the case of humanitarian aid, the donations should be legal.

“Americans do want to help,” he said. “… So let’s make it easier. Let’s help get the resources that we need down there. Instead of demonizing our men and women who work at DHS, let’s help them.”

See Crenshaw’s comments below:

As IJR Red previously reported, Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) also wrote a letter to McAleenan on Monday about the DHS and CBP currently lacking procedures to accept donations from Americans through “charities and faith-based organizations.” He urged them to “establish and publicize a process” to accept the donations.

“Even with the additional supplemental emergency funding, I am confident that DHS and CBP can still use the generosity of the American people to help manage the humanitarian crisis on our border,” Cruz wrote.

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Phyllis Softa

Donations are voluntary, not mandated. If you don’t want to give, don’t give. The comments below are quite depressing. You folks are members of a religion that I do not recognize. It is not Christian or Jewish. I know atheists with more compassion for their fellow man.


This could be bad… very very bad.
Worst case scenario: Donald Trump makes a significant personal donation. Bad. very very bad.

It is much better to just go down there, throw a tantrum, lie, blame Trump and go home refusing to take any action at all, blaming Trump… again.

Danged republikants screwing everything up… I blame Trump… again.

Dave Hardesty

If you want o give your money away to anyone you like, be my guest. It’s your money to do with what you wish. Just don’t expect me to aid illegal activities. Isn’t it odd that we don’t see liberals giving these people their money but want law abiding tax payers to do it against their will?

Don Snyder

I’ll donate for the bus ride back home so they can fix their own country’s problems.


What about relief to Americans? I am a grandmother raising grandchildren and am pretty much living in poverty after losing my job, my home, and my car. Where is my help from all these holier-than-though liberal apologists who are doing nothing but grandstanding for political favor? Seriously. This nonsense has gone on for far too long. The demands of the intolerant, liberal extremists are simply not feasible in a free society – or what is supposed to be a free society.


Sending bedding and diapers as humanitarian aid shows you have a soul. Americans have always been generous and this crisis should not change that. Vote republican in 2020 and build the wall. Then help these countries fight the corruption that has caused this crisis.


Appears Congressman Crenshaw has taken leave of his senses. WHY would any red-blooded American donate to a bunch of criminals; UNLESS they’re donating bus tickets for their ride back to the border. OTOH, those criminal aliens walked here; allow them to walk back.


Yesss! Finally a chance for people to help these criminals. Most importantly it will give mouth-breathers like General Confusion the chance to finally put their money where they claim to believe.

I would LOVE to see the demographics on donors if this passes. It will prove/disprove a lot of my theories about those who run their mouths vs. those who actually commit.





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