Crenshaw Knocks Congress for Not Doing ‘Its Job’ After His State Dedicates Large Sum to ‘Secure the Border’

According to Rep. Dan Crenshaw (R-Texas), one of Congress’ biggest issues to address is the immigration situation at the southern border.

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott announced on Monday that the border-state is dedicating nearly $1 billion to “help secure our border” — a job he says should be the federal government’s “but Texas is stepping up to help out.”

The funds will go to the Texas National Guard and the Texas Department of Public Safety to help Border Patrol officials at the southern border.

“There’s a lot more that must be done, but we will not solve the border crisis until Congress finally steps up and passes immigration reform and fully funds border security,” the Texas governor declared.

Watch the video below:

Since the U.S. southern border is seeing a massive influx of migrants trying to cross illegally, border law enforcement has become overwhelmed. In early May, the president requested supplemental funding from Congress, including $3.3 billion for humanitarian assistance — and the Senate Appropriations Committee approved on Wednesday $4.59 billion in response, leading to a possible vote in the Senate before July 4 recess, as The Hill reported.

However, if Congress doesn’t act, as House Minority Whip Steve Scalise (R-La.) pointed out on Wednesday, the Health and Human Services is “literally days away from running out of money,” as IJR Red reported.

Crenshaw, who is the freshman representative from Texas’ 2nd district, responded to the Texas governor’s announcement, declaring, “Congress should be doing its job so that TX doesn’t have to.”

Pointing to the “essential element” of “maintaining our sovereignty,” the Republican lawmaker clocked some of his colleagues who “don’t think it’s necessary.”

“Addressing this problem is a choice, and Dems have made the choice not to solve it,” Crenshaw added.

The Texas representative has been vocal about his push to work on a solution to the southern border crisis, previously telling IJR that he’s “somebody who recognizes a very obvious problem and when there are very obvious solutions to that problem” and he thinks “we should loudly advocate for that.”

Tossing his support behind Sen. Lindsey Graham’s (R-S.C.) immigration proposal — which includes changing the Flores Settlement Agreement, adding more judges, and allowing Central American migrants to apply for asylum in their home country — Crenshaw made it clear that fixing the asylum laws is the “most immediate issue.”

As for the continued feud between the president and Democratic leaders over the border situation, Crenshaw told IJR, “Some Democrats simply do not care, some simply want more illegal immigrants here. […] it almost seems at this point that their real goal is open borders and complete free flow of immigration.”

Graham, who is looking for an immigration solution, recently told Fox News that there has been a start to a discussion on bipartisan agreement on immigration between him and a Democratic lawmaker, as IJR Red previously reported.


  1. Dems are truly disgusting with their refusal to move on this issue for no other reason than to obstruct Trump. Zero consideration as to the damage it does to our country.

  2. Also what we have to do is take away the automatic citizenship of the newborn babies.!

  3. hooray for Texas!!!do your job Congress PROTECT America!!! it’s in the constitution, you know the thing you swore to uphold. Pay raises. HAHA. you should all be fired for treason!!!!

  4. Crenshaw is a superstar here in Texas, as is Governor Abbott. Congress, especially Democrats have become USELESS and against protecting American CITIZENS!!! They should be fired!

  5. Go get em – Dan! Am Soo in agreement – it seems the Democratic Party has become the new ENEMY of America – I am so ashamed of our politicians who do not listen to the public cry for action!!!

  6. Currently the only “job” congress is doing is wasting its time creating allegations, insinuations and fantasizing impeachment and a return to their believed to be “rightful president” – anybody but Trump.

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