‘So Ridiculous’: Crenshaw Dismisses ‘Young Turks’ Contributor’s Remarks About His War Injury

When it comes to being mocked for his sacrifice serving in the U.S. military, Rep. Dan Crenshaw (R-Texas) is defining it as “so ridiculous.”

A contributor at “The Young Turks” YouTube show, Hasan Piker, laid into Crenshaw about his “understanding of foreign policy” during a “The Joe Rogan Experience” podcast this week.

Piker then turned to use profane language when questioning “how [Crenshaw] f**king lost his dumbass eye.” He also said that “America deserved 9/11.”

The Texas representative is a former Navy SEAL who lost his eye during his third deployment in 2012 when an IED blast hit him during a mission in Afghanistan.

Crenshaw struck back on Twitter, saying Piker “seems to confuse ‘Improvised Explosive Device’ with some weird terrorist fantasy.”

Reacting to the comments made by the “Young Turks” contributor, Crenshaw said Thursday evening on Fox News’ “The Ingraham Angle,” “Wow, he was triggered, wasn’t he?”

“That is the definition of a leftist getting triggered. Doesn’t like what he’s hearing, disagrees with it, doesn’t understand foreign policy. […] He clearly doesn’t know much, and when you don’t know much about foreign policy, you get really mad when people disagree with you. And if you can’t argue your point, you tend to insult people.”

The Republican lawmaker said this perfectly exemplifies the “outrage culture” that is occurring these days. He added that Piker’s remarks reflect a “deep anti-Americanism that is apparent some of these left-wing politics.”

Crenshaw called Piker’s reasoning “so ridiculous” for “basically [saying] that the only reason I’m making the argument is because I lost my eye?”

Watch Crenshaw’s interview below:

Piker was confronted by the host of “Young Turks,” Cenk Uygur, who happens to be his uncle, about his remarks on Crenshaw, in which the contributor said he “obviously” didn’t mean that “America deserved 9/11.” Uygur said his nephew’s comments were a “crass and offensive joke.”

“If these small things get them so riled up, you know, imagine what another win in 2020 will do when Trump wins — and I hope he does. Let’s watch the meltdown then,” Crenshaw said. “But this kind of stuff has to stop.”

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Congressman Crenshaw undoubtedly knows there is a huge difference between the true Americans who appreciate his service in uniform and in Congress and the Muslim hate groups he fought to defend.


“Uygur said his nephew was a “crass and offensive joke.” Fixed it for him.

We might also say that Uygur employing his nephew isn’t nepotism. It’s hiring the handicapped.


What they don’t understand is that because of men and women like you fighting for our freedom they have a right to say stupid things like this. They should be saying thank you for your service. So THANK YOU


They should rename the young turks to the young turds. After all, they are so full of shit. What an anti-American group of losers.


Well, I feel fortunate that I never heard of any of these freaks who would denigrate a real man like Crenshaw.

Tom Bodine

The only eye this POS would be willing to sacrifice would be his brown eye for his sweetie.

Connie Yost

I agree with Crenshaw on what he said. Crenshaw lost his eye trying to make America a safer place but the Dems don’t appreciate anything that the USA stands for. He lost his eye so that they could bad mouth anybody they don’t agree with.


Rep. Crenshaw is quite obviously possessed of far more depth of character, maturity, respect and understanding than Mr. Piker, that goes without saying with the example demonstrated by his reasoned and rather funny response. I would still pay to see Piker get called upon by some team guys from San Diego or Little Creek, and see if he’s as brave face to face as he is on Twitter. He’d probably crap his pants and run away crying to his safe space, or hide behind a bodyguard or two.





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